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Information Systems Development - Assignment Example

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There exist several database models that are used for implementing database systems. Which model the designer will choose to employ is strictly up to the database system to be developed taking in mind the properties and the relations of the entities of the database system…
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Information Systems Development
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"Information Systems Development"

Download file to see previous pages Here the Police Identity Parades system has two characteristics; first not everyone is able to view all the data and second and most important is that not ALL the information is locally saved for each agency but rather information is extracted from a central system Criminal Records Database (CCRD). In this case matching which is the subject here is done as such; information is extracted from the central database and some operations are performed locally. This model then requires a client/server database model that will give the users the chance to retrieve data from the central database and perform operations on them ( This is also an analytic database meaning that it does only retrieve some data and performs queries on them without doing any alterations.
Heartline, on the other hand has a paper based subsystem involved in their general system. Here a registration is received and has to go through some human based procedure before reaching the electronic part of the system and the database. In this case we are using an On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP), relational database that performs more operations like adding and modifying data.
The police parade system "volunteers" matching system requires that the 5 people to form the parade are brought in and cross referenced with the CRB to make sure that they are not involved in the police process...
SuspectsNm foreign key to suspects
SSN primary key
ParadeNo foreign key to viewed parade

ID primary key
SuspectSSN foreign key to suspect SSN

Question 4
The data flow diagram for the Heartline agency is as follows:

Question 5
1. As soon as a suspect is taken into custody and the parade is formed the volunteers attends the parade to view the "volunteers".
2. Before the parade the volunteers have to be matched to verify if they exist, or vetted by the CRB to make sure to that certain criminals do not get involved with the Police procedures.
3. The parade takes place or about an hour and the witness view the volunteers
4. The suspects are held into custody
5. After the parade the "volunteers" are given a 20 pounds fee.

Question 6
The police parade system "volunteers" matching system requires that the 5 people to form the parade are brought in and cross referenced with the CRB to make sure that they are not involved in the police process. After this the parade is made and the suspect is held into custody releasing the other suspects.
In the second case where with the Hearthline system, it is so that the person is matched with other people that exist in the database, therefore, there is the need for identical characteristics to be matched. In the first case the suspect is compared to the "volunteers" and then the most appropriate is chosen or better held into custody by the police where is the other case of the Heartline agency the person is matched with other people until a match is made. In case that there is no match available then the customer is given a refund. In the first case there is a one-to-one matching of the suspect with a "volunteer" while in the second case there is a one-to-many matching ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Information Systems Development Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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