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Braiding Machines - Essay Example

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The technique of braiding fibre is an old technology used in manufacturing a vast range of products such as cables, insulators, and surgical sutures. After discovering the high tolerance of braided structures to damages and their conformability, braids are now being used to produce composites for rocket launchers and aircraft structures (Peters, 1998 p 413).
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Braiding Machines
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Download file to see previous pages While the yarn sets revolve in two opposite directions, the carriers are redirected to pass alternately inside and outside (under and over) one another. The clockwise and counterclockwise directions cause the two yarn sets to overlap, and produce a tubular braid. The yarns from the machine's bobbins are collected over the hub of the circular path where the bobbins move. As the speed of the yarn carriers set at constant, the fabric's openness is changed by when the take-up speed of the fabric changes (Adanur, 1995 pp 133-134).
Three-dimensional rotary braiding uses horngears which are positioned in a flat arrangement. Each horngear has a special clutch-brake mechanism, and this allows a controlled stop or rotation of each horngear and the corresponding bobbins. The grooves in the machine working plate guide the bobbins which are driven by the horngears. The switches which are located between each pair of horn gears can be activated in order to transfer the bobbin to an adjacent horngear (Langer et. al., 2001 pp 1-2).
There are two types of braiding looms used to produce three-dimensional braids, the rectangular and circular looms. Rectangular looms are used to manufacture solid structures, while the circular loom is used in producing thick tubular structures (Peters, 1998 p 415). ...
Braided preforms can be fabricated using various configurations such as bending type, branching off type, and variable diameter type by using program control (Uozumi and Hirukawa, 1999 p2). Langer et. al. (2001 p 1) states that the technology of three-dimensional braiding is based on the concept of the more traditional two-dimensional braiding technique. In the University of Massachusetts Advanced Composite Materials and Textile Research Laboratory, a difference between two-dimensional braided fabric structures and the three-dimensional braiding technology has been indicated.
A two-dimensional braided fabric composite is a combination of thread weaving and winding. This process lends the braided structure its unique features. two-dimensional braided fabrics are produced with the use of carbon, glass, or nylon fibres. The three-dimensional braiding technology is uses a unique process to produce the three-dimensional fibre architecture called the preform, which is impregnated with matrix material and fused together to produce the final product (Chen and Sherwood, 2006 [Online]).
In three-dimensional braiding, there is more versatility in placing the yarn sets and interlacing them by moving the bobbins independently from one another and selectively in a flat arrangement of horngears. (Langer, et. al., 2001 p 1) According to Langer, using this technique allows the production of near-net shaped three-dimensional fabric preforms with a yarn architecture that is specifically designed for a required design criterium. (Langer, et. al., 2001 pp 1-2).
The braiding technique uses a method where two sets of yarns in specific yarn carriers move in counter-rotation around a circular frame (Kruckenberg and Paton, 1998, p ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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