Microsoft a Monopoly - Dissertation Example

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The following dissertation research framework deals with the business of Microsoft company. The researcher of the dissertation explores whether Microsoft company’s Marketing strategies are able to build a healthy environment in the industry…
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Microsoft a Monopoly
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Extract of sample "Microsoft a Monopoly"

'Microsoft a Monopoly' Dissertation Research Framework Research Problem Area: "Microsoft a Monopoly" Research Question: Is Microsoft company's Marketing strategies are able to build a healthy environment in the industry

Research Objectives:

The main objectives of the research is to observe the,

Strategical marketing plan of business success.
Product and pricing & Promotional scenario
Steps taken by the company to competitor prevention
Reasons for being called as Monopoly
Facts Vs False paradigm behind Microsoft as Monopoly

Research Hypotheses (or themes for some qualitative approaches):

The market strategies of Microsoft are predominant in the industry standing as a tough wall for the small business units to operate freely in the market
The marketing strategies of Microsoft retain the quality of software services to the customer by eradicating the unnecessary market plays.

Proposed Approach to Primary Research:

Research philosophy:

The research is proposed to observe under the philosophy of realism and interpretivism, as the study aims to analyze the facts in the industry against Microsoft.

Research approach:
The research study of 'Microsoft a Monopoly' is proposed to follow deductive approach.

Research strategy:

The research is proposed to follow the research strategy of case analysis of Microsoft by observing different illustrations and opinions of experts on industry facts.

Time horizon:
The research is proposed to follow the Cross Sectional pattern of time horizon, analysing the strategies of Microsoft from time to time.

Data collection method(s):

The Data collection is proposed mainly through Secondary data (research & opinion) and Observation of Microsoft product operations and Evaluation of impact on industry

Keywords Associated with the Research:

Marketing operations of Microsoft
Marketing plans of Microsoft
Software Industrial concept of marketing
Price, product and Promotional strategies of Microsoft
Competitor analysis for Microsoft
Environmental analysis of Microsoft
Microsoft as Monopoly
Monopolistic activities of Microsoft
Reasons of Monopolistic trends of Microsoft
Facts on Monopoly in software
Case filings on Microsoft
News articles on Microsoft
Case study of Microsoft
Bare facts about Microsoft

Key Writers Associated with the Research:

Ralph Nader
Paul Solmon
Jo Best
Charles Cooper
Chris E.Hall & Rober E.Hall

Key Academic References Consulted to Date:

Ralph Nader and James Love, 20 April 1998, Microsoft's Ambitions and Antitrust Policy:

Paul Solmon, April 14, 1998, PLAYING MONOPOLY: News Transcript on News Hour with Jim Leherer, available at <> Accessed on 17 June 2005.

A., Microsoft, Monopoly, and Consumer Harm, Available from <>187> Accessed on 17 June 2005 , Microsoft Today: A Destructive Monopoly, Available from Accessed on 17 June 2005

Doug Barney, June 20, 2005, How Safe Is the Windows Monopoly: Redmond Report Available at Accessed on 17 June 2005

Jo Best, April 06 2005, IBM, Nokia, Oracle to fight Microsoft over monopoly, Available from
Accessed on 17 June 2005

Charles Cooper, October 2, 2002, Minding Microsoft's other monopoly: CNET Available from Accessed on 17 June 2005.

Ralph Nader and James Love, June 15, 1998. letter to Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein
Accessed on 17 June 2005.

Chris E. Hall and Robert E. Hall, January 1999. "National Policy on Microsoft: A Neutral Perspective": online paper, Available from
Accessed on 17 June 2005.

Stan Liebowitz, January 2000 "Should Microsoft be Broken up No. Breaking up Microsoft is disruptive": Dallas Morning News Accessed on 17 June 2005. Read More
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