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Emerging Technologies - Essay Example

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Technology has always been evolving over the past century and has come to be associated with sophistication and complexity since the past couple of decades. Ever since computers have started to occupy a common place in our everyday lives, technology in the information domain has been on the verge of constant & rapid change so much so that the IT industry continues to churn out new innovations with each passing day…
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Emerging Technologies
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"Emerging Technologies"

Download file to see previous pages Coupled with this, the emergence of mobile & cellular technologies and their increasing influence on our everyday lives has paved the way for innovators to ensure that IT technologies are utilized to bring information on every possible space on the globe at the hands of the traveler. This essentially means that the user of a mobile device will be able to access information in the form of maps and GPS navigation, a prototype of which is currently in the enhancement stage after its prototype was unveiled this year in the name of MARA (Mobile Augmented Real Applications) by the Nokia research center in Helsinki, Finland. The good thing about this innovation is that it is totally software based and goes to great lengths at providing information that a user might require about a particular destination, which is always updated by the service provider (Technology review, augmented reality, 2007).
The second major technology that is expected to play a major influential role in the coming year is pertaining to the domain of peer-to-peer networks. This is due to the fact that technologies such as youtube and torrents have resulted in an explosion in the internet traffic on a global basis, which is likely to clog the internet pipelines, if the present trend is allowed to continue. Given the situation, industry experts have turned to P2P technologies, which are notoriously popular for unauthorized sharing of copyrighted digital content. The fact that connections are always dynamic on the lines of an ever-shifting mesh, make sure that the network & servers are never clogged and are always utilized in the most optimal manner. Though this may sound like an existing technology, much is being done in order to make sure that P2P technology is adopted for providing genuine and popular services across the internet (Technology review, peering into video's future, 2007).

In tune with computer logic, computer chips are hard coded to perform specific operations even today. This essentially means that the computers are capable of performing only in the way they have been configured. However, using a new technology knows as chaotic chips, researchers at the University of Florida hope to attempt a unique approach under which computer chips will be able to perform any function on the fly by changing their internal configurations in a dynamic manner. This technology is likely to impact our lives in many respects both economically and performance wise as such chips would help reduce costs and enhance performance.

The science of Human computer interaction continues to be an area of constant research, where effort is made to ensure that the degree of interaction between the user and the computer interface can be made as intricate and lively as possible. The IT industry understands the need for a change in the way present interfaces work and operate and efforts are being made to modify it in a big way. In this regard, one major change that is being targeted pertains to the way in which we see and operate these interfaces. Such a change is being initiated by way of which a user may be able to use a 3-dimensional interface from the conventional 2-dimensional one. The new release of the windows operating system (Windows ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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