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Technology stress - Essay Example

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Society has entered to the Era of technology and Communication, and this technological development has changed the social landscape of society. The great layer of information and varieties of technology become available now, but the present day situation is marked by such phenomenon as "technology stress", which means that all technological advantages society is craving for are nothing more than ephemerally…
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Technology stress
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"Technology stress"

Download file to see previous pages "Opportunity" of computers and cell phones expresses the irony of the situation modern society is now. Without these new gadgets and innovations, people seem to be 'incapacitated and unable to finish tasks, even though it may have been accomplished at a faster pace without the help of a particular technology.
Very often, people do not realize impact of PCs on their health. The main reason of stress lies in the fact that present day computers are too complicated for common users. For instance, after waiting for up to five minutes for the computer to "boot up," users, puzzled with cryptic error messages and bothersome crashes, are under stress. Take the common experience of stress associated with PCs, much of this stress comes from expecting computers to function perfectly all the time, but it is not very realistic. From time to time, computer problems will occur.
The most severe impact of stress can be in the following cases: the file users are working on may have appeared to disappear, heavy traffic on on-line service may prevent users from being able to connect when they want, or may cause a system slow down just at the moment they need things to be fast (Weil, Rosen, 1997).
In general, mistakes in the computer systems are very common. ...
ware applications or coordinating the installation of complex hardware or networking systems, errors are common, and users feel too bad when they occur, because they are failing to do their task. One more stressful feature is annoying beep coming from a computer, notifying that something is wrong. The beeps are unexpected, which can cause consternation or trembling.
The minor causes of stress such as theft or damage from other people, viruses, intruders, and hard disk failures may not always be avoidable. In this situation many users are reluctant to ask other people for help. This can lead to an incredible amount of stress, most of which is totally unnecessary. In addition to cutting financial corners, there are many other ways computer users get themselves into trouble by trying to skip important or critical steps (Weil, Rosen, 1997).
Trying to use new hardware or software is the very common cause of frustration. Sometimes, "the new "Plug and Play" mentality fosters this behavior" (Weil, Rosen, 1997). Many Plug and Play users, on the other hand, have found out that they still need to understand how their new equipment works to get it up and running smoothly. The negative results caused by viruses and spam also influence the human's physic. They are annoying and costly, slowing down the Internet and damage software. It is difficult to avoid them. The stress is added by the constant need to prevent your computer from these nuisances. This technology "disease" forces users to spend time and efforts loading and updating anti-virus software. Annoying feature of this process is that it lowered productivity level and takes precious user's time. Even if a user loaded all possible anti-virus programmes it could not guatantee total protection and safety from new "versions of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Technology Stress Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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