To What Extent Can Technology Be Viewed As a Civilizing Force - Essay Example

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This paper therefore looks deeply in educational technology in which reference has been given to the past, the present, and the future of educational technology. There have been a number of issues that have to be addressed if the world is to meet these goals towards educational technology. …
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To What Extent Can Technology Be Viewed As a Civilizing Force
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"To What Extent Can Technology Be Viewed As a Civilizing Force"

Download file to see previous pages There have been a number of benefits that have been enumerated to have a direct link with this kind of technological or instructional education. The first benefit is that it has become very easy in accessing all learning materials. In this case, the instructors can very easily post the required and necessary course materials through the website and by so doing make it easy for the students to access the information, and can as well go ahead and read for their own. Why is this very important? With this case, a student can be able to get the information and instructions posted by the tutor wherever he or she is around the world. This improves efficiency and makes it easier to provide the necessary information to all the students and learners wherever they may be. This has improved efficiency in the learning practice hence becoming a major benefit for the practice (Pemberton, 1995). The other benefit with instructional or educational technology is in the fact that it promotes student motivation. All form of computer-oriented instructions would possibly give the learner instant feedbacks hence making them have appropriate answers which would boost their morale after recording increased motivation from the kind of practice. Also, the use of a computer makes an individual composed, patient, and non-judgmental, and hence giving him the necessary motivation needed for the academic work. The benefit in this is that more and more students shall be encouraged to continue learning hence remaining motivated. Through this approach, we can have the student learning a lot of work within a shorter period of time hence reducing the hours that have been unnecessarily wasted with past education systems. With the same practice, it is no...
This essay stresses that a number of nations have been on the front line in the adoption of technological requirements towards this initial licensure towards education improvement in their nations. For example, almost all the developed world countries have been having all the mangers, school administrators, tutors and teachers forced to have a computer-technology based course so that they can be in a position of delivering adequate services to the students whenever the need arises. This has been a challenge to a number of individuals and especially the old aged whose retirement has been placed on the corner. This has also been seeing more and mo. individual forced into extra expenditures in search for computer and new technological know-how if they have to retain their jobs and remain the practice. Although the countries that have been involved in this rush towards educational technology have been quite few, the number of these countries has been increasing steadily. The countries have been participation in these technological and professional developments if new educational practices could be appreciated. the number of challenges and issues that have to be addressed as the world prepares itself for this technological advancement and improvement of technology in educational practice.
This paper makes a conclusion that technology has defined the way education has been improved in the global perspective. In line with this, technology has been viewed as a civilizing force that has defined economic, social, and political transformations through the education sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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