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Electric Powered Vehicles vs. Gasoline Powered - Essay Example

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This paper will discuss whether we will need to invest in electric cars in future or not. It will also take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of gasoline cars and electric cars in order to get a better understanding of why we will need to shift to electric cars in future…
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Electric Powered Vehicles vs. Gasoline Powered
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"Electric Powered Vehicles vs. Gasoline Powered"

Download file to see previous pages The intention of this study is an electric car as a vehicle that makes use of electric motors and batteries instead of engines used by the gasoline cars. The rechargeable batteries control the main parts of electric cars, which give power to the electric motors that run the cars. A number of features make electric cars different from gasoline cars. Some of the most considerable features of electric cars include durability, convenience, much more efficiency as compared to gas engines, up to 500 hundred percent more efficiency than internal combustion engines, regenerative breaking system, and no emission production. There is no emission of fuels from electric cars because electric cars do not use gas at all for any purpose. “Once electricity is more commonly produced by water or wind, getting clean power to run electric cars will leave an even smaller carbon footprint”. Compared to the internal combustion engines, electric cars provide up to three times more stored energy to the wheels. An electric car is also more quite, reliable, and consistent than the gasoline cars. The use of regenerative breaking system saves up to 30 percent of the energy, which is redirected back to the battery. These were some of the features, which make electric car an attractive choice for the consumers. If we talk about the reasons for using electric cars, we can say that there are various environmental and economic reasons, which have made people prefer electric cars for their personal use instead of gasoline cars. Toyota Prius and the Smart Car are two of the most successful models of electric cars, which have attracted a large number of people towards the use of electric cars. Statistics of air pollution in the recent years show that Toyota Prius has contributed significantly towards reduction in the air pollution. Some of the most prominent features of these electric cars include ease of maintenance, no pollutant emissions, consumption of energy, more reliability, less noise, and reduced oil consumption. Ease of Maintenance One of the major benefits of electric cars, which attract people towards them, is lower operating and maintenance costs as compared to gasoline cars. Parts of electric cars are easily replaceable because they are not very complex as far as their assembly is concerned. However, in case of gasoline cars, assembly or repair of parts is very difficult because hundreds of small parts combine to form one major part such as engine. Electric cars generally have fewer problems related to their operating mechanisms. There are no complex systems in the electric cars, wh ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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