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Structure of Materials - Essay Example

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Estimations have been made on shaft failure due to continuous loading by the engine and the rate at which the vehicle moves that cannot be avoided. The shaft defects results from the increased…
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Structure of Materials
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Download file to see previous pages The shaft calculations and analysis are done by analytical as well as finite element method in this paper. In addition, the results are compared between material specific product analysis and FEA results. Elasticity theory analysis shows that structures such as steel shaft have very high entropy.
Most motor manufacturers use the knowledge of analysis to determine how durable is a shaft before considering incorporating it into the vehicle. for this reason, analytical methods along with theoretical researches has to focus on improved steel shaft durability under different loads running at various revolution rates. This paper analyses the steel through material specific product analysis and finite element analyses whereby it reveals that strain-time behavior under different loads and other complex stresses. Experimental data has proven to have an accuracy compared to the fine element predictions that are prone to some errors while predicting the lifetime of structures.
It is observed that when the load to be driven by the shaft is 10 N, it will work for 18.2 hours. At a load of 50 N, working hours of the shaft decrease drastically to 4.1. Likewise, when the shaft at 3000 rpm drives a load of 150 N it will only work for 0.06 hours. From this, it is clear that the experimental data proves that different strain affects the life of the steel shaft. A graphical representation below shows that the shaft will not work under a certain load.
Methods to analyze steel shafts used in motor vehicles demand for higher technical skills so as to perform intended function proving to be uneconomical. The material specific product design analysis uses incorporation of software to determine the life of shaft when operating under fatigue. Change in design and material of shaft can help in sustaining loads at various rates of revolution of motor engine. This is the only method to assure ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Structure of Materials Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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