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are there solutions for emission of greenhouse gases ?

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We can consider the ways of reducing the emission of GHG on two levels: global and individual. Global strategy is based on development of renewable sources of energy and spread of its use. Individual level is also important because such problem as gas emission cannot be resolved by a single restrictment of any kind. This problem can be solved only by spread of a specific culture of natural resources use. In other words, an individual contribution to a GHG reduction matters a lot as well. Among the steps to reduce emission on the personal level are the following:


  1. Garbage sorting and recycling
  2. Reduce waste by buying products with minimal packaging
  3. Reduce using of heat by wall insulation. Use programmed thermostat
  4. Avoid driving when it’s possible.
  5. Try to use less hot water
  6. Plant trees
  7. Spread the culture of conserving the natural resources.
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