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Solutions for Rising Sea Level - Essay Example

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Global Warming and Sea Rise: A Discussion and Analysis Regardless of whether or not one wishes to think about it, the fact of the matter is that our planet is drastically changing. Regarding these changes there are two approaches that the shareholder can engage…
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Solutions for Rising Sea Level
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Download file to see previous pages A secondary approach would therefore be to seek to find alternative means to integrate with the changing environment as a way to ensure survival and success for oneself and the progeny that one leaves behind. This brief essay will analyze three distinctly different options for this latter approach as well as commenting and discusses the means by which these would ultimately be accomplished. The first of these has to do with building artificial islands as a means of providing many of the low-lying Pacific islanders alternate dwelling places if sea levels continue to rise to the degree that they have. Although this may seem as a type of science fiction, history has proven that man-made islands have the possibility to both be created and support life within them (Vidal, 2011, ¶2). As such, this particular article, published in the Guardian in 2011, discusses the means whereby the leadership of several Pacific island groups are pursuing relevant information with regards to how they can construct or augment islands as a function of ameliorating the threat of the seemingly endless rise of sea level which poses such a direct and existential threat. Although the ideas that are put forward are imaginative, it is the belief of this author that they are both too fanciful and too costly to be put into practical application. A far more effective, albeit entirely destructive means which would engender the same effect would be to merely concentrate on building up the level of the existing island. Similarly, another approach that is illustrated by another article published by Climatewire in 2010 states that coastal regions and shareholders should immediately seek to build sea walls and other means to halt the rise and encroachment of the sea (Mulkerin, 2010, ¶29). This approach too is good in that it requires shareholders to be proactive towards seeking to find a unique solution to the challenge that rising sea levels engender. However, the key fault in such an approach is the fact that in order for it to be ultimately effective, it must be engaged upon by all shareholders in order to ameliorate the underlying problem of sea rises. However, a strength to such an approach is that it could ultimately save billions of dollars that would otherwise be required to build up the land to an acceptable height in order to stave off the encroachment of an advancing sea. Similarly, the final article discuses a litany of ways in which humanity might seek to integrate itself with the rise of sea levels rather than seeking to find all manner of expensive means to alleviate the effects of a rising sea. Naturally this poses many problems with regards to where the mass of humanity will live and how such a system could ultimately work; however, the author of this piece provides intriguing alternatives to include the possible and perhaps even probably development of an entirely new form of economy in which humanity will seek to become more tightly integrated with its environment as well as finding new and constructive means to integrate his/her life with the sea. Such a level of symbiosis would not only help to provide for he further sustainment of humanity but could also help to avert any such future disasters such as the one which is currently being perpetrated with regards to global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps. Though each of the ideas that have been proposed bear a certain application as well as a level of promise to key groups, it is the belief of this author tht ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Solutions for Rising Sea Level Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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