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updated 9 months ago

explain how inclusive practice promotes equality and supports diversity

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updated 10 months ago

Inclusion is an umbrella term for practices aimed to provide the opportunity to participate in all forms of social life for people with disabilities. If you want to get a somewhat precise information, read this paper. I’d like to go with an example.

If you walk down the street in a country with developed inclusive politics, for example, in Germany, you’ll be surprised by a number of people on wheelchairs around. When I was in Germany for the first time I couldn’t stop thinking of how come that so many people with disabilities are living there. Pretty soon I’ve understood that a number of disabled people there is not higher than elsewhere. The difference is that in Germany they can lead a way of life that does not radically differ from the others. Everything is designed with considering the needs of disabled people: public transport and stations, malls, schools, government agencies, hospitals, apartment buildings and private houses. Everything.

That is an inclusion in its action. And I strongly believe that it one of the essential aspects of what we call celebrating equality and diversity. With reasonably set inclusive practices, people with disabilities get an access to smooth involvement into social life and activities. That is especially important when it comes to children. Inclusive schools are important not only for disabled kids but also for their peers, who in practice learn what diversity and tolerance are. In other words, inclusion is a crucial aspect of building a healthy society.


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