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Fifteen dogs essay

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‘Fifteen dogs’ is a novel by Andre Alexis. Most probably it would be one of the weirdest things you’ll ever read in your life. It creates the idea of dogs getting consciousness, and thus, people are not superior to all the other creatures anymore.

So, the novel starts with a description of how Greek gods granted a gift of consciousness to a group of dogs. Those Greek Gods are Hermes and Apollo, btw. Fifteen dogs, who were held in a veterinary clinic in Toronto that night suddenly discover they can speak human language (English) and can reason with each other. Some of them try to reject the new ability to speak human and decide to stick to the normal ‘old dog days’ when they could not talk. As the story goes on, we find out how the relationships between dogs and people changed. The story sometimes goes scary, but mostly it is quite touching, even though it is bizarre to read.

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As soon as given human attention, Prince’s journey works to answer many philosophical questions concerning what it method to be human as well as what a ‘top lifestyles’ simply manner through André Alexis’ novel, Fifteen Dogs. : Source Link


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