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How does Beowulf die?

Who woke up a dragon? What events made Beowulf a king? Why didn’t Beowulf ask for help of his warriors in the fight with a dragon? What did he want to prove by this?

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The dragon in battle kills Beowulf. Beowulf became a hero to his people after he single handedly fought and killed the beast, and its mother, while protecting the mead hall. He eventually becomes king. A slave in the kingdom ruled by Beowulf found a secret passage that was not known by any man and entered into the cave of a large dragon. The slave is described as a thief as he took a goblet from the dragon’s lair. The dragon woke up to find the goblet missing. This infuriates him and sets him in a path of revenge. The dragon leaves the cave and notices footprints that lead towards the kingdom and away from the cave. The dragon unleashes his fury on the citizens of the kingdom.

The dragon is a massive and fearful creature that all who hear of it, tremble in fear. However, Beowulf being the king is viewed as the ultimate protector of his people. He engages in battle against the dragon and manages to kill it. This however comes at a great cost as Beowulf pays the price with his life. He is fatally wounded as he is struck in the neck by the dragon’s talons. The talons contain a fatal poison, which poisoned the king to death. It is generally agreed that it is not the dragon’s poison that killed the king. Rather it is his hubris, which led him to his grave. Beowulf embarked on fighting and killing the dragon alone so that he could showcase his warrior strength and prowess and further attain more glory in the eyes of his people. He could have enlisted the help of his warriors but instead chose to fight it out alone.

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