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updated 9 months ago

What is The Great Gatsby about? What started a friendship between Nick Carraway and Gatsby?

I’d like to know whether the movie had the same events as it was in the book. Haven’t read it yet, is it worth it?

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1 Answer
updated 1 year ago

The book is certainly worth to read! I’ve done it for 3 times and it’s still my favorite.

Set in the village of West Egg and East Egg in 1922, the story is about Nick Carraway who rents a small house and his neighbor is Jay Gatsby. Gatsby is a reclusive millionaire who throws extravagant parties. For many years he’s been in love  with Daisy Fay Buchanan, Nick’s cousin. Tom, Daisy's husband, is secretly involved with Myrtle Wilson.  Nick receives this information from Jordan Baker with whom he has started dating. Gatsby personally invites Nick to his party. In conversation it appears that both are from the same division in the army, so their friendship begins. The main reason why Gatsby bought his mansion is to observe Daisy's house, located across the bay. His extravagant lifestyle only impresses Daisy and woos her. Gatsby asks Nick to invite Daisy to Tom's house so that they could renew their relationship.

After they meet and Gatsby confesses his love for Daisy, they begin an affair. Tom is suspicious that his wife is having an affair with Gatsby and he is outraged even though he’s got a mistress too. Tom confronts them and suggests to Daisy that Gatsby acquired his wealth from bootlegging. When Tom, Nick and Jordan drive back from the party, they find that Gatsby's car has killed Myrtle. Nick learns that Daisy was driving the car and not Gatsby and he has taken the blame for Daisy. George, Myrtle's husband was searching for his wife's lover and Tom tells him that Gatsby is Myrtle's lover. George shoots Gatsby dead and then kills himself. Thoroughly disillusioned, Nick ends his relationship with Jordan and goes back to his home in Minnesota.

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