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Why are examples important in an essay?

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Examples are essential for each essay as they make it more practical and create relevance for the thoughts you are trying to present.

Let me clarify my point of view.

There are three basic elements in each essay, namely

  • Introduction
  • Body Part
  • Conclusion

Each of them has own specifics, but all together they work for one goal, state and prove your point of view about the issue/question/topic.

How can you prove own point of view? You need to present ideas and support them with arguments. The best argument so far is an example, from real life, personal experience, success story, etc.

The more examples you give, the more your essay is convincive and interesting to read.

Holding your reader’s attention is another strong reason to use examples. Nobody is into reading long theoretical texts, which have nothing practical behind them.

Also, there is another way to answer your question.

You might have meant Essay Examples when asking. They can be a bunch of help in essay writing due to a number of reasons:

#1. Help you learn the structure of a chosen essay type

#2. Show you how other students completed same assignment

#3. Provide you with numerous ideas for your own assignment

#4. Boost your creativity and give you confidence in what you do.

So, if that was your question, essay samples live here. But please, do not copy those or sub,it as own works. Those are essays written by students and uploaded voluntarily just as an example of a good work.

Good luck!

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