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What happens when the devil takes over you?

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Probably each culture, country or religion has the idea of a human body being possessed by a demon or devil. The ‘symptoms’ might vary, but the general idea stays. Being possessed by a demon causes a change of victim’s personality and behavior.

The very first reference to the demonic possession can be found in Sumerian tradition. Those people believed all the diseases and illnesses come from evil spirits or “sickness demons,” who were called gidim. Something similar is present in the shamanic cultures. They also have the idea of sickness as a demon possessing the body. Thus shamans have to perform exorcisms in the form of respectful or sacrificial offerings.

In Christian tradition, it is not actually a devil, who takes over the victim’s body, but demons who serve the devil. As you might know, Lucifer was the most beautiful angel, who refused to kneel to man. Thus, he was banned from Heaven and became Devil, the image of all the worst things. Demons are other fallen angels, who followed and became his servants.

A demon taking over a person can happen in two possible ways, externally (obsession) and internally (possession). In a first case, a demon would act against the person externally. In the second case a demon would go inside mind and body and cause a variety of symptoms, like ill humor, speaking languages person never learned, change the voice, give inhuman strength, etc. There are also descriptions, which would include epileptic seizures, convulsions, and fainting to the list of symptoms. It is said, that demons can drastically change the facial expression of the person or create sudden injuries, like scratches and bite marks all over the body.

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There are several movies that perfectly cover this question.

The most popular example is a movie of Francis Lawrence, called ‘Constantine.’ It is a story of a man, who was born with a tragic talent to recognize the hybrids of angels and demons on Earth. He tries to reveal himself from this burden by an attempt to commit suicide. Unfortunalely, he survives. Thus begins his story, where he walks the Earth patrolling the border between Heaven and Hell. This movie contains scenes showing people under devils control. They seem to be completely out of their mind, they behave strange, make voices and weird facial expressions, they scream and shout, they have the unbelievable strength and so on. This is the most popular belief of how people behave when devil takes over them. Probably, the most common idea of this behavior should be the opposite to the behavior of faithful or saint people. Both, saint people and those under devils control, differ from people we consider to be normal. Therefore, what we see are just two extremes of what can happen: the best and the worst.

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