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What is Agoraphobia?

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Agoraphobia is a specific anxiety disorder, which is characterized by the unexplained fear of the possible situations where escape is difficult or impossible, or the fear of no help around when needed. Also it is often a name of the pubic places phobia.

To illustrate it all I would recall the brilliant movie ‘The Best Offer,’ an Italian romantic mystery film, which was written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore in 2013 (in English). The main character falls in love with a mystery woman, who claims to have agoraphobia. She is afraid to go outside, can’t go out of her room when a stranger is in the house and loads of similar stuff. She pretends to have it, but it is shown in a perfect way. You won’t suspect it till the very end, when the story turns.

The origin of this world comes from the Greek “Agora,” which meant place of assembly or the marketplace. Added is the word phobia, which means what it means :)

Still, understanding Agoraphobia as a simple fear of open crowded spaces is completely wrong. This fear includes people, bridges, shopping malls, public transit, being outside alone or for a long time, etc. The question of how it emerges is still disputable. It is mainly believed that it occurs due to the specific combination of genetic and environmental factors. Also, it is doubted that it can be treated in some kind of medical way. Usually it is considered to be a work for a psychiatrist, who as a rule uses CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), as it is believed to be effective (in fact shows significant results only in half of cases).

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