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I need a report on coal power plants. Do you have any?

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Did you try to go through the search on the website? It is available on the main page. Most probably you will find something on the topic, or a least related to it.

We’ve seen some papers, which might be interesting for you.

All about Coal

Negative Impacts of Coal and Clean Coal Technology

Coal impact on the environment

Also, there were several specific papers on coal plants located in different countries. If that is what you are looking for, then go for it through our search.

Still, if you need something more specific, you can order a custom written paper, which will be done due to all your requirements. Here is the link to the order form.

There is the third option on You can take a paper in our database and order its editing under your requirements. Should you find a document which is close to your perfect one, but needs a bit of rewriting, formatting or anything like that, this option will suit you best. You will easily find it on the page of the order form. In a field ‘Pick your assignment’ choose Editing/Formatting/Proofreading/etc.

Hope it helps!

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