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Similarities of San and khoi khoi

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There are a lot of similarities between those peoples, for together the Khoi and the San people of Southern Africa are often called the “Khoisan,” a term that has been used to describe their broad similarity in cultural and biological origins.

Lately, I have seen an excellent YouTube video on the topic, so I will leave the link here, in case you are interested.

Also, I will list the similarities I am aware of. If somebody else knows more, add a comment. The topic is fascinating!

  1.  The average height of an adult is approximately 1,5 m, and their complexion is yellowish.
  2. Both live in caves or huts made of branches built near waterholes so that drinking water would be near and animals could easily be hunted.
  3. They were both nomadic.
  4. They had similarities in their languages, both of which had click-sounds.

They also have similar understanding of the role of traditional governmental forms in society, so

They unified the community under one leader.

They defended the freedom of the community.

They gave members of the society a sense of belonging.

They settled disputes among members of the society.

They officiated ceremonies and gave guidelines.

Their laws, customs, and taboos brought order in the society.

It preserved the community’s cultures.

It trained and shaped future leaders in the community.

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I know that scientific and genetic studies prove that the Khoi Khoi and San peoples (or Khoi-San) where the first modern humans and they live found in the Western Cape of South Africa - that is a territory of their origin). Everything else is detailed, for they both are pretty similar: same environment, practically identical traditions, similar languages. They are usually named as one people, not two separate ones.

If you need details, I’d recommend you to start from the very beginning, and define how African tribes emerged, how do they differ. Here are some decent investigation on the topic

About Africa itself - Africa

Its modern conditions - Modern Africa

South Africa, as Khoi-San live there - South Africa

And this one to finish the long journey - Representing Africa

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