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updated 8 months ago

What are the alternatives to medications in the treatment of diabetes mellitus?

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1 Answer
updated 8 months ago

I know of five alternatives in diabetes treatment. More and more adults turn to them, but I would highly recommend you to consult your doctor before you go for something from the list.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Should always be mixed with water (20g of vinegar with 40g water, plus one teaspoon of saccharine) to avoid irritation and the damage of tooth enamel. There were several studies on the efficiency of this alternative treatment, first in 2004, second in 2017. Now it is said, that such therapy helps to maintain blood sugar control. Still, there is a need for further research.


It is a herbal remedy for medical treatment, which showed pretty good results in the many research. Still, heavy use can cause irritation of lungs, sore mouth and lips.


When there is a lack of chrome in the body, it becomes incapable of using glucose efficiently. Thus this mineral is highly essential for people, especially for those who have diabetes. It also shows a pretty good result on glycemic control. The effectiveness is limited and cannot serve as a full substitute for medical treatment.


Yoga is famous due to having an overall significant effect on both mental and physical health. There were a series of studies of its impact on diabetes treatment, too. It is stated that it can be profoundly helpful, as it is showing the improvement in the well-being of patients with type 2 diabetes.

Illegal Drugs

Adults are often becoming a target of various kind of fraud, illegal drugs and scam, that promises a quick cure. The market is filled with those products, but those drugs may be not only ineffective, but also harmful to your health. Even though they are on the list, we’d highly recommend you to avoid every suspicious kind of stuff and consult with your doctor if you come across something like that.

And by no means, those items from the list can be a full substitute to a traditional medical treatment prescribed by your doctor. Please, take good care of yourself.

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