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An essay about the phrase "still water runs deep"?

Any ideas on how can I write an essay on proverb "still water runs deep"?
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The proverb ‘still waters run deep’ has its roots in the ancient times. It is said it comes from Latin. Oxford Dictionary gives it the Bactrian origin and cites ‘altissima quaeque flumina minimo sono labi,’ which means ‘the deepest rivers flow with least sound’ and comes from the story of Alexander the Great.

The meaning of the proverb is pretty clear. It means that under the calm and indifferent appearance or exterior usually hides a passionate and fiery nature. Also, it can be understood in a way, that quiet people are typically dangerous. Or that silent woods or waters contain danger inside.

Writing an essay on the saying ‘still water runs deep’ might be challenging, but yet exciting. Here are several scenarios for you might want to follow, depending on the type of the essay you chose.

If you are about to write a descriptive essay, feel free to depict f.e. a silent person, who in the very end appears to be aggressive or deeply passionate about some unexpected activity (like tango or rock climbing). Or you can describe a heavenly place, that is quiet and peaceful, but in reality, contains a lot of danger inside. End up your essay with this proverb to make it all bright.

If you are about to write a definition essay, then you might want to research the origins of the proverb, possible meanings and where it was mentioned throughout the history. This kind of research would definitely be exciting and leading to the impressive outcomes.

Should you decide on the argumentative essay, it might also turn quite cool. Explain why you think the proverb has a solid ground and reflects the reality. Or make it contrary and tell your reader the adage is false.  

Regarding the essay type you chose, look for the examples of how students complete such assignments. It would genuinely help you start.

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