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why I should not go to college?

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So, you are graduating from high school and consider a not going to college perspective. There are actually loads of supporting arguments for such a decision.

  1. The rising cost of going to college

A college debt you get once decide to go for education might be equal to mortgage and credit card debt combined in one. So, if you don’t have money to pay now, you might enslave yourself with an enormous credit, which you’ll have to pay off like half of your life.

  1. A job doesn’t require higher education anymore

Among the most significant reasons behind the choice not to go to college is that nowadays employers value skills and experience over education. Thus, more and more young people go for various volunteering and internships rather than for college.

  1. College won’t teach you how to succeed

Most of the students after graduation return home with no job or understanding of their value on the market. They might have both, high or low expectations for their future, but they usually have not much practical experience. Moreover, they hardly know how to win their place under the sun, for college is not meant to prepare you for real life.

Undoubtedly, the question ‘go to college or not’ would be solely your decision at the end of the day. Still, you might want to consider your choice very carefully.

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