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Help me to find essays about school uniform

Find sample essays on related topics:
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An essay is always dependant on a topic. If you consider ‘school uniform’ to be a topic, I would say it is too broad. Which aspect would you like to highlight? Do you consider a school uniform to be problematic for students and parents to buy, thus creating some kind of unnecessary difficulties? Or maybe you think it is a grat way to fight student’s distraction at the time of classes? Do you believe it is a great equalizer or maybe ponder on highlighting this question from the aristocratic point of view, relating to old schools traditions? This is what you would need to do in the first place. Define the aspect you want to highlight and make the topic more narrow, thus more suitable for an essay. This is a good way to organize your thoughts, find trustworthy research and skip wordiness and general statements in your piece.

So, I would suggest you look for essays with topics, like:

Those topics should give you a clue on what I was talking about previously. I accompany them with the active links on essays of other students (I have found them in a database through search). I would recommend you to get acquainted with them, to know how to combine and write down your thoughts when you finish your research. Also if you go to the main page of Studentshare.org and enter ‘school uniform’ in a search field, it would lead you to the essay examples that describe the topic in general, the way it is originally formulated. In case you don’t know what to choose, you can start from reading several of those works, to get started quickly. I always use this trick when I need fresh ideas. Or to skip the long research process.

If it is what you need, I was very pleased to help!

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