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10 topics on marketing of financial services

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I believe that if you want to come up with a strong and exciting topic on marketing financial services, you should opt for case studies. Of course, you can write tons of pages of Specificity of marketing strategy for financial services or some pointless paper in How-to-style. But I call it a half-decision that will neither save your time nor bring you any fun. So what I’d write about if I were you is an analysis of marketing plan for some financial service shark.

For example, The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation or HSBC, Ernst and Young, McBride plc, Morgan Stanley. If you think that is a far harder task than making an overview because it’s hard to find information for case studies, then you are wrong. Here are the paper examples containing exactly what I’m talking about:





And these are a drop in the sea!


If you want to go even further and expand the scope of your research from the level of one corporation to the sector in general, you can formulate your topic as something like An empirical study of marketing strategy in the UK financial services sector.

I’ve found a paper on this particular topic:


In case you insist on rather a theoretical work and want to avoid as much as it’s possible a research of corporate documentations and reports, you can write about concentrate on some crucial question such as the impact of a SWOT analysis on the optimization of financial services marketing.

Hope, this small contribution to the process of your topic choice will help you to write about something that will thrill you.

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