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How many pages does “Fahrenheit 451” have?

What are the main parts of the novel? Provide a short summary of each part. Who influenced Guy Montag and his reincarnation of views?

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The book has a total of 158 pages. The book has three distinct parts: The Hearth and the Salamander, The Sieve and the Sand and Burning Bright in that chronological order.

The Hearth and the Salamander

        The story centers on Guy Montag, a “fireman”; a group of individuals who have been tasked with burning books. The vast majority has outlawed books due to the embrace of the media. A minority group protested the use of books, which the government hijacked and outlawed the use of books; their content is deemed as outdated and out of place, and passed law to the effect that books should be burned. While on his way home, he bumps into his neighbor, a free-spirited teenager who makes him question his way of life. He gets home to find that his wife has overdosed on sleeping pills. She awakens with no memory of such an occurrence. The evening run-ins with the neighbor become a routine, which he looks forward to. One day while at work, an old lady refuses to leave her house and opts to commit suicide by lighting herself on fire alongside her books. The image disturbs Montag who later learns that the teenage girl was struck dead by a motor vehicle. He reveals to his wife that he has over the years kept a stash of books from work and forces her to read one with him.

The Sieve and the Sand

        Montag and his wife proceed to read the book when they hear a sniffling at the door. He knows that this is the hound, the eight legged robot dog they use to locate books. The sniffling dies down and Montag contacts Faber, an old English professor, to help him better understand the books. He refuses but eventually accepts when Montag starts to pluck pages from the book. Faber gives him an earpiece so that he can better guide him remotely. On returning home, he finds his wife watching TV with her friends and tries to engage them in conversation. He finds them mundane and reads to them a poem from a book which he later burns. The friends leave, disgusted and his wife locks herself in the bathroom after taking more sleeping pills. He then takes the rest of the stash and conceals them in the back yard and goes to work to turn in a book, which he believes Beatty, his superior at work knows he stole from the woman. They engage in conversation and the fire alarm rings. They move out only for Montag to realize that they are going to his place.

Burning Bright

        Montag is ordered to destroy his home by Beatty who adds that it was the wife and her friends who snitched on him. He fruitlessly tries to engage his wife in conversation but she gets into a taxi and speeds off. He burns his house down using a flamethrower. Beatty sees the earpiece and confronts Montag telling him that Faber will be hunted down. Montag burns Beatty with the flamethrower and knocks his coworkers unconscious. He also burns the hound. He locates Faber who tells him to leave the city for the countryside where they will rendezvous in the morning with a secret group of booklovers. The booklovers have each crammed a book to be published in the future when the society is ready. Montag manages to evade capture by wading through the river, finding himself in the countryside. While there, nuclear bombs dropped by bombers annihilate the city.

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