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Human Development Index in Statistics - Coursework Example

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The main focus of this writing will be laid on the describing the role of HDI (Human Development Index) for ranking countries on various levels. Human development is the basic distinction need to improve and differentiate the means and the end of development. …
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Human Development Index in Statistics
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Download file to see previous pages Human capital plays a vital role in the development of a country this is brought about by making a meaningful investment in improving the health of its citizens, thus increasing the well-being of citizen’s increases the life expectancy. Increase in knowledge of its citizens empowers the citizens to earn a decent living and this variable is measured by the adult literacy rates, basic education (both primary and secondary) and tertiary level of enrolment.
GDP is often used to evaluate the nation-state, HDI was first developed in 1990 to help to understand the simple matrix of basic human well-being. The composite index is widely used worldwide by government statistics its release and publication generates a lot of political discussion with most administrations focusing on improving lives nationally and regionally.
HPI is a measurement tool for measuring sustainable happy living in countries using the variables life expectancy, environmental output, and well-being experience; this measure gives us an insight of how the countries are involved in making life better for their citizens now and in future (New Economic Foundation, 2015).
The variables life expectancy is a quantitative continuous variable measuring the probable mean life of countries human population based on the average death age. The ecological footprint is a quantitative continuous variable that measures the land utility by human beings in relation to carbon-dioxide emission and the vegetable required to absorb the emitted gas. Whereas life satisfaction is dynamic complicated variable as the variable is subjective to many confounding factors given that the happiness is subjective compounded by cultures it becomes even more complex (Tina Aridas, 2012). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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