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Probability - Essay Example

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Some of these cases are appealed. However some of them are upheld. In connection to this the main aim of these study was to investigate how the judges perform based on the number of cases appealed and the…
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Extract of sample "Probability"

Download file to see previous pages However, based on this ranking Judge Hellen comes in last followed by Paul, who comes in second last and finally Dianne was third last based on the probability of appeal.
However, based on probability of cases being reversed Judge John comes in as the best judge followed by Angela and then David Friedman. Based on this ranking Paul Feinman comes in last and the second last position is taken by Sallie Manzanet-Daniels.
Based on the probability of reversal given an appeal, then Karia Moskowitz is the best performing judge followed by Judith J. Gische. However, judge Darcel D. Clark is the least performing judge based on this system.
Finally, the overall ranking of these judges is as shown in figure 4 above, it is, therefore, evident that Judge Sallie Manza is the best performing judge followed by Judith and then Peter Tom who completes the three best performing judges.
From the figure above it can be seen that Judge David has the least probability of appeal therefore making him the best performing judge followed by Darcell and the least performing judge under this category is Rosalyn and then John comes in second last Judge on this category.
In conclusion, this investigation has revealed that in the Court of Common Appeal Judge Sallie is the best performing Judge followed Judge Judith. However, Judge Angela comes in last in the overall ranking. On the other hand on the municipal category Judge Leslie is the best performing judge while Judge Edward is the least performing Judge overall. Finally, in the Municipal Courts Judge Angela is seen to be the one carrying out her duties diligently making her the best performing judge overall while Leslie is the last judge under this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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