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Real Case study: Decisions in USASuperCars - Assignment Example

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Real Case study: Decisions in USASuperCars Name Professor Course Institution Date Executive summary This report focuses on understanding the effect of the financial decision made by the CFO of USASuperCars to sell its product to seven countries. The company deals in selling luxury sport cars and the need to increase its profitability made it to make a decision of signing a contract to sell to other customers around the globe…
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Real Case study: Decisions in USASuperCars
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Download file to see previous pages The case analysis also shows that the exchange rate have a great deal of variance among the different countries. The report also concentrates around determining the importance of accepting investment from the banks. This involves studying whether the decision by the company can prosper without the investment or it needs it (banks’ investment) to improve its performance. The result from the analysis indicates that the investment from the banks is not necessary for the profitable performance of the company. As shown by the analysis, the decision made by the sales manager makes him be risk-averse, thereby illustrating the step by the company to accept HSBC bank offer (Barz, 2007). The presence of variables in the analysis required the use of various statistical tools, in computing for the probability distribution and the correlation between them. Introduction The objective of the report is to design a framework, which the USASuperCars can use in making proper financial decision in line with the statistical analysis. Background USASuperCars is a company situated in USA dealing in the sales of luxury sport cars. The company focuses on selling high quality sport cars, which are worth the value of its customers. It maintains a loyal relationship with the customers through ensuring through ensuring high safety standards of its product to the customers; it has employed highly qualified staff. Apart from the quality of the product, the USASuperCars have also incorporated the low pricing strategy to increase loyalty of the customers. The company concentrates on managing its operation in the market through exploring other possible markets in the world. The identification of new markets ensures that the company achieves enough revenue to continue running its operation in the market. Consequently, the company embarked on a decision of signing a contract to sell to various customers around the world. However, the company considers the influence of the changing exchange rates on the sales of the product. The following table shows estimated rates of interests, quantity and standard deviation provided by the Bank of America to help the company in coping up with the arising uncertainties. Worldwide Orders Exchange Rate (to $) Customer Quantity Selling Price Mean Standard Deviation UK 12 ? 57,000 $ 1.41/? $ 0.041/? Japan 1 5 Y 8,500,000 $0.00904/Y $0.00045/Y Japan 2 3 Y 9,000,000 $0.00904/Y $0.00045/Y Canada 1 1 CAD 97,000 $0.824/CAD $0.0342/CAD Canada 2 3 CAD 100,000 $0.824/CAD $0.0342/CAD South Africa 2 R 4,100,000 $.0.0211/R $.0.00083/R USA 1 $100,000 The table provides the basis for arriving at a proper decision that the firm would need to undertake in order to avoid unnecessary losses. The report will make use of statistical tools on the values provided by the bank: estimated rates of interests, quantity and standard deviation. The results would help in concluding on the significance of the realized variation, between the exchange rates, and the company’s financial background required to withstand any witnessed fluctuations. Analysis The decision by the company to sign a contract of selling to countries such as Japan, UK, Canada and South Africa, subjects its product to even much stronger competition. The competition arises since these countries serve as homes for such products like Honda, Ford and Toyota. As ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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