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Statistic Assignment on Variables, Programming Models and Contribution Per Unit - Essay Example

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Task 1 1. Contribution per unit Contribution per unit is calculated in order to form an objective function. The variable cost per hour for each test device is multiplied by the number of hours required for testing each peripheral device on a particular test device…
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Statistic Assignment on Variables, Programming Models and Contribution Per Unit

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Download file to see previous pages The contribution per unit received for Internal Modem, External Modem, Circuit Board, CD Drive, Hard Drive and Memory Board are 156.82, 156.10, 250.87, 167.90, 290.78 and 274.22 respectively. 2. Formulation of linear programming model The linear programming model can be developed by forming equations for constraints and objective functions. The equations for constraints are formed using the available time on each testing device. These equations are: 2IM+3EM+5CB+6CD+4HD+8MB ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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