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Statistics: Crime Report - Essay Example

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The level of the increase of crime rate has continued during the past few years. It has become apparent that the community has become fully aware of the possible threats to their persons and property. The types of crimes has also flourished with different modus operandi in place and perpetuated by these law offenders…
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Statistics: Crime Report
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Download file to see previous pages The highlight of the survey is to be able to get a collection of data pertaining to the personal safety of the people as well as the level of victimization that they have come across. This campaign for greater safety within the area is without its precedence, with the existence of the Community Safety Partnership which includes efforts from both the public and private sector for a concerted effort toward crime prevention. They have in store the Safer Kingston Partnership Plan 2011-2014 which includes surveys and interactive consultation with the residents of the area. This project is updated annually for efficiency (Royal Kingston 2011). The Metropolitan Police is equally hard pressed for the promotion of the safety of the people and the apprehension of criminal offenders to ensure the peace of the streets and the safety of the people. It is quite apparent that the law enforcement sector conducts its own statistics that includes the recorded total number of crimes together with its categorizations. The survey is beneficial for projects such as this that is parallel to the objectives of the greater good of the community. The aims and objectives of the study is to determine the accordingly the level of fear with regard to crime through the survey process with actual Kingston Town Centre visitors. The sample population is fixed at 100 respondents and accumulated within six years from 2007-2012. In each survey, the respondents are divided into four age class distributions, namely, under 25, 25-39, 40-59, 60 and over. Perceptibly, the number of respondents who are full-time students composed a significant percentage of the study with 35.9 in 2012, 41.2 in 2011, 42.4 in 2010, 23.6 in 2009, 39.1 in 2008 and 30.2 in 2007. Overall, the distribution of gender is relatively even with 54 males and 46 females in 2012, 49.2 males and 50.8 females in 2011, 43.9 males and 56.1 females in 2010, 45.3 males and 54.7 females in 2009, 41 males and 59 females in 2008 and 44.1 males and 55.9 females in 2007. Respondents belonging an ethnic minority were recorded at 41.8 in 2012, 33.5 in 2011, 34.5 in 2010, 29.3 in 2009, 23.8 in 2008 and 31.1 in 2007. Throughout the survey years more than half of the respondents are actually living in Kingston upon Thames except for 2012 with only 46%. The survey also included other factors such as persons with disabilities and adults with a buggy. The mode of transportation of the respondents going to the town centre was classified into walk, cycle, motor, car, bus or train together with the purpose of their visit which include bank, shopping, work, leisure, education and other. Throughout the study shopping and education were consistently the topmost reason of the respondents’ journey to the area. Also an important survey question is their awareness of the CCTVs installed in the town centre. The survey found that most people know that the place is monitored through the CCTVs. Consistently, over 67% of the respondents are aware of it except in the year 2012 declining slightly with only 58% saying yes to the query. In fact, the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames was awarded with the ‘CCTV Operator Team of the Year 2011’ by the National CCTV Users Group, which proves the value it puts upon these useful tools. This is essentially an award for the CCTV control team with more than 350 participants from various local authorities ( 2011). The team proved that they take their CCTV duties ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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