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The guiding research question for this particular study is: Should Olympics have a permanent home? The subject raises, even more, interest because of no city and for that matter no country really appreciates the idea of complete disruption in its activities every fourth year…
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Should Olympics have permanent home
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Should Olympics have a permanent home?

Indeed Olympics needs a permanent home for itself. This is because the arrangement activities every 4 years are asking too much from the organizers and more so when it is held in different regions of the world. The Olympics’ organizers need to heave a sigh of relief as well for their work manifestations and should be given the leeway that they require in essence (Jolly, 2007). It is for this reason that the Olympics should have a permanent home for itself.
The permanent home would mean that the standards would be upgraded each time the Olympics are held and also that there would be fewer costs per se as far as the organizing country is concerned. It would solve the logistical issues and take care of the problems in a very quantifiable manner. There would be fewer international disagreements and hence the problems might end as a result of the same (Kinghorn, 2006). This is in line with the understanding that Olympics is an event with much grandeur and prestige and should thus be given the respect and dignity that it richly deserves. This can only be made possible if the disagreements are removed and a permanent site is adopted globally.
What is even more significant is the fact that the facilities would be made use of by the Olympics Governing Body each time there is an Olympics event. These facilities could be reused as and when required and there would not be any hindrances as such. Between the Olympics, these would be used for the sake of training regimes which are always an inherent part of an athlete’s sporting ability. He/she would have to be at par with the levels that are globally acclaimed and which are tested every four years within Olympics (A Permanent Home, 2006).
The subject raises even more interest because no city and for that matter no country really appreciates the idea of complete disruption in its activities every fourth year. If the Olympics are held at a single place, this disruption would cease, allowing the inmates of the chosen land to concentrate fully on the Olympics which would be held every fourth year. This would set the basis for achieving a number of objectives, in terms of logistics, supply chain, marketing, advertising, business growth and development, and so on and so forth (Cooper, 2005). This disruption needs to be reduced as much as possible because it does not bring any solace for the common citizen of the land and he thus becomes hostage to the entire scenario at hand.
In essence, it is imperative that the Olympics are held at a single location every four years. This would raise the interests of the people as well immensely and ask of them to travel to one land every four years. Plus the athletes would also know where they must be each time there is the set up of the Olympics village (Roberts, 2006). All said and done, this perspective holds weight that the Olympics should have a permanent home for its own self, and there must not be any hiccup within such quarters no matter how trying or tough it gets at the end of the day.


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