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The Olympic Games - Essay Example

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The essay "The Olympic Games" describes the history of Olympic Games. In addition to, the birthplace of the games was Olympia, the city which hosted the first known games and so the name Olympics got coined and mythology is frequently associated with the history of the Games…
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The Olympic Games
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Extract of sample "The Olympic Games"

Download file to see previous pages However, there was not enough positive response from the delegates. That was actually devised for the study of amateur sports, he again voiced his view on the revival of the Olympic Games and was delighted when the other countries participating in the Congress agreed with him. Following this consensus, delegates decided to have Coubertin construct a committee, comprising members of various countries, to conduct the first Modern Olympics in Athens, Greece. That committee headed by Demetrious Vikelas from Greece oversaw the preparations for the games and that committee only became the later day and now functioning International Olympic Committee. So, Pierre de Coubertin is widely-acknowledged as the originator of the modern Olympic Games, along with Demetrios Vikelas. The three Latin words of Citius, Altius, and Fortius became the Olympic motto, with Coubertin himself proposing after having borrowed it from his friend Henri Didon, a Dominican priest who taught the sport to students. The games started at the Athens’ Panathenaic Stadium in a celebratory mood on 6th April 1896 and concluded on 15th April. “The modem games were inaugurated in style, with the ritual and fanfare that Coubertin felt was essential to their social purpose.” Competitors came from 14 nations, with around 245 athletes, all of whom were male. From those beginnings, the games continued to take place with increasing number of countries and athletes every four years, with the exception of the years during the World Wars. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Olympic Games Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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The Olympic Games Stakeholders

...?Running head: The Olympic Games Stakeholders Events concepts and Contexts Insert Insert Grade Insert September 8, Events concepts and Contexts Introduction Different kinds of events are encountered in the society. Sporting activities, music festivals, various ceremonial functions, a national or regional championship, or some government function are some of the events commonly encountered in the society. The events have significant effects on the lives of different individuals in a given society. They contribute to social, economic, and political developments in the regions in which they are conducted. An event that draws individuals from across the globe will have high positive economic impact on the hosting nation. As such, the events...
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History of the Olympic Games

... The first Olympic Games can be traced to 776 BCE in Greece. They were staged near the ancient plains of Olympia. The games were dedicated to Olympian gods. This had been continuing for 12 centuries until Emperor Theodosius announced the ban of pagan cults in 393 CE. The Olympic Games were closely associated with the cult of Zeus. The cult practiced religious festivals, which were closely linked to the games. The ancient Olympics were both an athletic and religious festival. Olympics came to be held after a period of four years to honor Zeus. Zeus, an Olympic god, was said to be the father of humanity. Zeus is said to have fought a god known as Cronus in a struggle for the throne with other gods. The demigod, Heracles, staged games...
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Economic Benefits of Hosting the Olympic Games

...and they will also be required to purchase commodities. The total sum of additional revenue that will come from the sale of commodities produced by the host country's industries to the above mentioned groups will make up a huge chunk of the direct economic benefits coming form hosting the Olympics. There may be some visitors that will still be interested in seeing the host country's sites during the Olympic Games and after. There can be huge amounts of revenue received from those visits. Research conducted in this area has indicated that a host country can earn up to 823 million dollars out of the visitors who may come to visit the host country within the first twenty days prior to...
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The Olympic Games

...beginning in Greece. They were a crucial undertaking in the country, with the Greek people developing historical events dating method using periods between the Olympic Games. Participants in the games then were treated with respect, and winners marked as heroes and heroines in Greece and the countries around. Olive wreath was at the time used to reward Olympic winners. However, over the years, the rewarding, games and sports involved have changed to match cultural, social, economic and political dynamism. Use of symbols to associate with the Olympics has been a living phenomenon since the year 1913. This is the year that the...
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History of the olympic games

...HISTORY OF OLYMPICS DATE History of Olympics Sports a vital component of the Olympic Games can be traced back to the evolving man. The resemblance of certain sports to activities like hunting, archery, javelin, wrestling. These activities though later used for entertainment marked the survival tactic of the early man. It was survival to stay safe and prevent attacks by wild animals and also to look for food. Sticks were the main components for making weapons thus; arrows and javelins thus, sharpened enough to be able to pierce through the skin of an animal. This continued for a period of time until man was able...
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History of the Olympic Games

... from the time they started. This paper will analyze the history of the Olympic Games. Specifically, the paper will look into the developments that have occurred since the Olympic Games started up to the present day. History of the Olympic Games The Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 B.C. when the first Olympic Games were held in Greece. The purpose of these games was to honor Olympian gods, and they used to take place on the plains of Olympia, hence the name Olympics. A son of Zeus by the name Heracles is credited to be the father of Olympic Games. During the first Olympic Games in 776 B.C., an athlete run naked for about 192 meters and successfully completed the race, emerging as the sole winner in the event. The athlete’s name...
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History of the Olympic Games

... Topic: Lecturer: Presentation: Introduction Olympic Games history can be traced back to ancient Greece in 776 B.C. Greece was an agonistic society that embraced a competitive ideology hence everything including sports, music, drama and other contests were a way of life for Greeks. The sport was a dedication to the Olympian gods like Zeus and Pelops the mythical king of Olympia and was held at Western Peloponnese Island of “Pelops”. The Olympics had a religious connotation as the Olympia where events took place was a place for worship and an oath to Zeus was taken before any events began. This tradition continued until the Roman Empire took over Greece and Emperor Theodosius I banned all pagan practices in 393 A.D (
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London's Olympic Venues

Towards this purpose, a requirements analysis and an evaluation of present systems is necessary to see if London is ready or if it can be made ready for hosting a modern Olympics in 2012. From a cursory analysis, it seems that London is somewhere in between the positions of being completely ready and not ready at all. Given that there are still almost six years to go before the Olympics are here it appears that there is enough time for the city to get ready. However, without proper planning and implementation procedures, those six years might as well be six days.

An evaluation of present systems and those which are being put in place begins by looking at what London offers at the moment. Being one of the most popular to...
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Video Games or Children's Sports

Feminism theorizes that because women have been considered second-class citizens of society since societies began, despite equality efforts of the past 30 years, many stereotypical perceptions exist today.  

Johnny wants the war game. Sally isn’t as interested, but why? The answer, it has been suggested, is both biological and sociological in nature. While acknowledging that behavior differences between boys and girls are inherited to an extent, this discussion explores the societal reasons that Johnny is expected to be the aggressor and Sally the submissive one. This circumstance leads to unfavorable consequences for women and supports the feminist theory that ages-old misconceptions regarding women have led...
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2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games

The particular aspects of the marketing strategies applied during these Games are analyzed highlighting the importance of following specific rules when using marketing in the area of sports activities. On the other hand, the particular characteristics of marketing are presented taking into account the fact that marketing is significant for the successful completion of sports activities worldwide. More specifically the financial support offered to athletes and sports organizations because of the promotion of specific products/ services helps the sports activities to be more approachable to people of all social classes. In the case of Special Olympic Games, the development of appropriate marketing strategies can have two significant...
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Do Violent Video Games Affect Behaviour

Video games are all kinds that are famous between children and adolescents on the basis of their usage of enhanced technology and diversity. People have shown interest in all kinds of video games and violent games are one of them (Anderson, Gentile and Buckley 2007). Gentile and Anderson inform in their work, “Violent Video Games: The Effects on Youth and Public Policy Implications” that parents pay a little attention to children’s usage of violent video games. According to them, the parents stop their children to stay away from all kinds of violence but their attitude towards the violence in media and video games is negligible (Gentile and Anderson 2006).
Freedman informs in his article, “Evaluating t...
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Volunteers Recruitment and Training for Olympic Games

...Volunteers Recruitment and Training for Olympic Games Project and Strategies The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympics Games (LOCOG) is the responsible board to stage a highly memorable Olympic Games in 2012. It has been estimated that 70,000 volunteers are required to run the Games at the proposed standard of quality (Olympic 2012 website). In order to carry out a range of essential activities well trained volunteers are highly required. As per the notification, procurement for the contracts commences in 2009. This paper introduces a project including the various strategies for the recruitment and training of 5,000 volunteers, and its estimated cost for each activity. Criteria for the volunteers Recruiting...
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Business Communication for Degree Access: Olympic Volunteering Consultancy

The London Organising Committee for 2012 is headed by Lord Coe but we would need to contact the Minister for the Olympics who is Tessa Jowell to place the Bid. The Olympic Games are said to need 70,000 employees with large land development in London.

To beat out the competitors with an excellent business strategy (Wikipedia) an excellent marketing strategy must be used! 26,400 pounds, of the 1 million pounds on Flyers and radio ads this company can inform the residents of Greenwich of the career training opportunity. Using Radio ads that are up to date we can gain a young volunteer base. Flyers handed out to community centers and welfare offices this company will gain other targeted volunteers.

The Census Bur...
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Video Games: Game Style, Aesthetics, and Gameplay

Civilization IV, a turn-based strategy game, and Tomb Raider, an adventure game, are examples of two games that exhibit different approaches to the style. Each of these two games will be explored in turn. Both games are rich in 3d graphics. On the other hand, a notable contrast between the two is that whereas in Civilization, there is flexibility in perspectives, Tomb Raider is more restrictive by making the player assume a fixed perspective (Dobrin, 2009).

In Civilization IV, animation and game aesthetics play an important role and have been given detailed attention. For example, interactions between units, especially during conflict, are animated, and the styles of buildings change in accordance with the civilization...
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The Women's Participation in the Olympic Games

...Chapter 1: Introduction The face of Olympic Games has changed significantly over the years especially with regard to the remarks made by the Olympics founder that female participation in Olympic Games was unacceptable. The participation of women in Olympic Games has cultural roots that are engraved within the psyche of people that women are not supposed to engage in any physically demanding activity. Such fallacies have continued to deny women participation in male dominated fields even the ones unrelated to sports. According to Houlihan (2008), the historical experience of women in participation in sports reflects upon the perception of the society of the feminine in general. Houlihan defines it using one word “exclusion.” The situation...
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The Olympic Games

... the chance to host the games (Benning, 2011:15). With time, every session of the Olympic Games grows bigger and better in incorporating equity and emerging issues within the globe. This has led to incorporation of factors such as people with disabilities and the holding of the youth Olympic Games for the teenage athletes of the world. As of the year 2010, these youth games have helped to develop young athletes for the Olympic Games. These games are shorter than the Olympic Games, and athletes of ages between 14 and 18 year get to participate (Hartman, 2001:13). There are various countries capable of holding these Olympic Games in relation to the availability of stadium capacity, among other requirements. Some of these countries stadiums...
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Immoral Activities in Video Games

There arose a large number of studies showing that video games have a negative effect on the behavior of children, and the alleged range of misbehaviors includes lack of respect, lack of sympathy, laziness, to mention but a few. Along with this, there arose the claim that it is highly dangerous to let the children roam free in the virtual world because of the apparent lack of morality seen in video games. Like any other topic of public concern, this claim met with an equally strong opposition alleging that detaching children from video games is like not traveling on roads for fear of accidents.
This work aims to argue that elements like social conformity, social learning, and social reward are the factors that compel a person...
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Why Video Games Matter

Given the addictive nature of video games which often promote violence, hostile behaviors and aggression and their supposed position as a form of diversion, it has been questioned whether video games serve any productive purposes or are they merely a form of escapism. From the perspective of an individual, the notion of escapism can be characterized as a process through which individuals embark upon leisurely activities to disassociate themselves from the ordinary aspects of their lives which may trigger monotony and dullness that may evolve into depression or despair if escapism is not adopted to break the cycle of monotony. Relating the concept of escapism with various forms of entertainment it may be suggested that a person&rsq...
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History of the Olympic Games

... while athletes wore full amours. There was an even where athletes competed in five competition called Pentathlon; that was javelin, sprint, jumping, wrestling and discus throwing. Boxing was later introduced at the 23rd games, and they continued to expand adding more and more games such as chariot racing. In the 37th Olympic Games, the Greek extended the games to a five-day competition. At first, the games were only participated by the Greek citizens only but eventually the whole Mediterranean region joined in which was then the Roman Empire (Ben 8). The Olympic Games were linked to the religious festivals of Zeus closely but were not part of any rite. They were aimed more on showing the physical qualities and performances done by young...
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How Climate Change Is Affecting the Winter Olympic Games

...How Climate Change is affecting the Winter Olympic Games How Climate Change is affecting the Winter Olympic Games Introduction The Winter Olympic Games are a leading global sporting event that is organized once every four years(Müller, 2014). The first Winter Olympics was held in 1924 in Chamonix, France. Unlike the Summer Olympics, Winter Olympics sports are practised on snow and ice. Originally, the sporting event featured five sports, namely Nordic skiing, skating, ice hockey, curling and bobsleigh. Thereafter, the event occurred every four years until it was interrupted by World War II. It resumed in 1948. Until 1992, the event was held in the same year as Summer Olympic Games. However, a 1986 decision of the International Olympic...
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