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The essay "The National Hot Road Association - NHRA" describes that NHRA is the board, which organizes the drag racing that is a famous racing sport in countries like USA and Canada.  All classes of the motor cars are allowed to compete in the NHRA events. NHRA encourages the specialized groups at the nationwide trials…
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The National Hot Road Association - NHRA
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Introduction: NHRA is the board, which organizes the drag racing that is a famous racing sport in countries like USA and Canada. The National Hot Road Association has the power to set the rules and regulations in the drag racing and they swarm the racings in all these countries. NHRA coordinated its first event in Kansas in 1955. There are almost 24 drag races in each year conducted by NHRA and for these sport, they are having more than 75000 efficient drivers. This governing body sort out the motor sporting event so attractive and these events have got more number of spectators.
Drag Racing:
Drag racing is one of the watchful motor sport events in the world. “Drag racing, or to be more precise professional drag racing is sport where vehicles race down a set distance down a track. Naturally, whichever car finishes first is the winner. What makes this sport different from the other auto races is that entrants to the race have to accelerate only when given the go signal.” (Drag racing: Basic info and facts, 2008). In this, the aim is to complete a straight line distance from the initial position ahead of an opponent car in similar track. The distance to complete the race is generally 200 m. For this racing, there are specially built cars and also daily cars are also used. The special cars especially meant for this drag racing known as dragster is mainly used in this and this covers 200 miles in 2-3 seconds. The purposeful engine and top fuels used in this makes them so powerful to drive in 330 miles per hour.
NHRA and drag racing:
Wally Park is the first one who organized the drag racing as a motorsport event and it was through the association of National Hot Road Association (NHRA). This governing union was first shaped to dispirit the street races. All classes of the motor cars are allowed to compete in the NHRA events. NHRA encourages the specialized groups at the nationwide trials. They are trying to make the more and more people to come and see the contests.
NHRA is primarily seeking the safety in these types of motorsports. They are very keen to apply the safety devices in each cars running in the contests. They are allowing the motorcars, which can persuade the security of the driver first, escaping from the car if there is an explosion or other accidents. Drivers should wear the Simpson suits, which are fire resistant. The fuel cell is also kept in the duel tanks to prevent the leaks of fuels. NHRA made the use of HANS device compulsory for the safety of drivers to make them steady while driving. The fire extinguishers, wheelie bars and roof escape hatches are some other important safety devices used in these racing cars.
The drag racing gained its popularity first in USA after the Second World War. This motor sporting event’s attractiveness raises gradually and extends worldwide. But the arrival of several racing sports and the Formula One sport has made the top spot in attracting the spectators made a decrease in its fames. Also, the spectators were confused with the rules and they were not able to understand the winning aspects. The tracks were now devised mainly for the money with the beverages and foods, causing the entry fees to go up and peoples losing the interests in these events.
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