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Classification and Division of Tae Kwon Do - Essay Example

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"Assistant Instructor" and "Instructor" are unofficial rank titles, and although Dans holding these titles often help with instruction, this arranagement is independent of the Kukkiwons official "Instructor" program in which one receives certified training in conducting…
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Classification and Division of Tae Kwon Do
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Extract of sample "Classification and Division of Tae Kwon Do"

Download file to see previous pages Officially, there are a number of categories in the events of the WTF (World Tae Kwon Do Federation). These are the following:
1. WTF-promoted competitions
2. Championships promoted by Regional Taekwondo Unions of the WTF in 4 continents
3. International Competitions promoted by international sport organizations, and
4. Other international WTF-approved competitions
1. WTF-promoted competitions
a. World Taekwondo Championships
b. Women’s World Taekwondo Championships
c. World Taekwondo Championships
d. World Taekwondo Poomsae Champioships
2. Regional Taekwondo Unions Championships (Regional Junior Taekwondo Championships
a. Asian Taekwondo Championships
b. European Taekwondo Championships
c. Pan American Taekwondo Championships
d. African Taekwondo Championships
3. International Sport Organizations-promoted competitions (CISM, FISU, and continental or regional sport organizations)
a. World Military Championships
b. World University Taekwondo Championships
4. Other International Taekwondo Competitions WTF-approved with the request of the Organizing Committee in agreement with the related rules of the WTF ( ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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