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The Performance of Standing Long Jump - Case Study Example

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The paper "The Performance of Standing Long Jump" states that in the very fundamental premise of kinesiology, the body has innate healing energy. It is at all times doing its best to care for itself, but that it needs to be helped into a better position to achieve this care…
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The Performance of Standing Long Jump
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Extract of sample "The Performance of Standing Long Jump"

Download file to see previous pages The most important technique variable is the selection of the takeoff angle. A Japanese athlete studied the effects of changes in takeoff angle on performance in the standing long jump. The aim was to identify the "optimum take-off angle" and to explain the underlying biomechanics of the standing long jump. When indoor arenas were built, the standing long jump began to disappear as an event. Today, the only country where the standing long jump is a national championship event in Norway. The Norwegian Championships in Standing Jumps (long jumps and high jumps) has been held in Stage every winter since 1995.
The performance of standing long jump was often used or adopted to examine the fitness of school children, but the tests had frequently underestimated the subject's true potential when the subject did not use the best possible technique. The most important methods that promote the jumping performance is the selection of optimum take-off angle
and technical use of the arms. In previous researches, many researchers used the force plates to study the long jump and suggested the technique of long jumps. They later concluded that increasing the take-off the velocity of the jumper's supporting leg would increase the jumping distance. Numerical models were used by other researchers and found there were no significant inclination angles in the magnitude of the peak ground reaction force. Previous standing long jump study, compared body configuration and joint moment analysis in children and adult males. They suggested that skilled 6-year-old children have not developed either hip negative work during preparatory movement or body configuration in the flight phase. The difference in body configuration showed the jumping performance and cross-sectional of the skeletal muscle correlate positively. They also verified that standing long jump performance improved when arm movement was employed.
In recent studies, researchers investigated the explosive movements concerned mainly with a vertical jump. Although jumping for distance received a lot of attention, most of these works were centered on long or triple jump in athletics. There were no attempts to relate the coordination of hands swing and starting knee angles in standing jumping distance. The difference in initial knee angle in the study has not been investigated in other studies. The performance of standing long jump and its relationship to the body configurations as well as the possible other reasons for the difference are still not so clear. Furthermore, there is no information about the trajectory of body center of mass in the standing long jump, but other basic motor skills like walking, running, kicking, and vertical jump had been investigated by using the center of mass analysis. The study efforts were directed towards the investigation of the effects on the arm movement and initial knee joint angle employed in standing long jump by the ground reaction force analysis, three-dimensional motion analysis, and analyzing changes in the force-time characteristics, magnitude of peak ground reaction forces, impulses generated in preparing phase and mass centre's pathway characteristic during the standing long jump and investigating how the jump performance is related to the body configuration. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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