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The Physics of Soccer - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "The Physics of Soccer" comments on the peculiarities of playing soccer. According to the text, a spherical ball is used during the soccer match and each of the two teams involved has a total of eleven players. …
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The Physics of Soccer
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Download file to see previous pages Dropped ball: It takes place when the referee has stopped the game for any other reasons for example interference by a party that is not from within, a serious injury to a player, or when a ball is going out of order. Generally there are many rules and regulations that should be adhered to. The association of football around the world has its governing body. The governing body that is recognised across the globe is FIFA. This is the body that is known to associate wit football in all over the world. Its headquarters are in Zurich and there are other bodies that are associated with this main body of football. These bodies are: Confederation of African Football (CAF) Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL). Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF). This essay will therefore talk about the physics of soccer. For the ball to be kicked for the goal keeper to get the ball before it goes through to the net and for all the other activities that take place in soccer to occur, there are various physical movements that support all of them. All soccer players always work hard to make certain that they maintain their shape and that they improve their kick. This essay will cover certain topics to see how they physics of soccer is. The questions that will be answered in this essay include: 1. What happens when a player kicks a ball? 2. How much vigour, in heaviness would a soccer player experience on their foot in a kick. 3. How do football players twist a soccer ball? 4. Does a huge...
Initially, when the ball is kicked, the leg of the player puts in kinetic energy. Kinetic energy is that energy that is put in order to make something move. In this case, since the ball has to be moved, the kinetic energy has to be put inside the ball. The formula for this kinetic energy implementation is KE=1/2 MV2. In this case, the kinetic energy used is equal to half of the total mass of the player’s leg, multiplied by the speed (velocity) of the leg as it hits the balls, squared. The ball loses its shape when it is kicked. This is the other thing that happens when a player hits the ball. It deforms due to the energy that has been exerted on it where the place that is it turns out to be flat within a shirt tie that is over 0.01 seconds. The energy, therefore, that collides is that kinetic energy from the foot plus the energy stored in the deformed ball whereas the energy that comes out is the kinetic energy in the ball plus heat.
The number of kicks given determines the energy that is exerted and that which is lost. This means that the more the ball is hit, the more it deforms thus a lot more energy is lost to heat.
Here Newton’s law in force is applicable because it helps in providing information on how force is used and how to determine power that is used to carry out an activity. Force, in this case, is calculated by getting the product of acceleration and mass. The mass of a ball is usually 0.4 kg meaning the only thing to be determined is the acceleration which is the change in speed of the ball. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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