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Importance on Being on Time - Essay Example

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This is the "Importance of Being on Time" essay. Being on time is a phrase used in our societies, schools, banks, and other institutions. …
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Extract of sample "Importance on Being on Time"

Download file to see previous pages It provides one with security and trust from their colleagues since they know that any duty assigned to them will be completed effectively without causing inconveniences. This phrase is a norm that one can instill in themselves and make use of. In the army, discipline is a virtue instilled during training. Discipline is essential as it generates a sense of reliability and responsibilities in workplaces.          The fact that one is responsible for what they do shows their level of discipline and dedication in sticking to the rules and regulations. It does not only pertain to respect but also indicates accountability in duty and service execution. Being on time prevents one from receiving disciplinary actions. This attribute gives one a sense of reliability, thus reducing the vice of getting late to work. In major institutions, organization and early planning are essential as it aids in avoiding late delivery of services. Proper organization is advantageous in the smooth completion of duties. This virtue aid in competency development in the workplace. Being on time shows the attribute of reliability in the institution. Reliability is a signal to your employees and organization that you can be relied on at any time whenever called upon without causing inconveniences such as late deliveries Importance on Being on Time Essay is a phrase that highlights one’s readiness and willingness to work without causing inconveniences to the workflow of the organization. It, consequently, shows the hard work put in to avoid late job delivery. Some of the positive outputs from this phrase include promotion in duty ranks. This attribute shows the level of maturity, sense of responsibility, and professionalism in handling issues in the workplace. Timekeeping is a feature taught and should be applied by the soldiers during their moment in the army to avoid being late in duty delivery. It prohibits the vice of being late since time management is significant. In case a soldier is late, it means the whole unit will be late, it is because some duties won’t run as planned. It lags the entire working process in the camp. The unit, in this case, is forced to postpone its scheduled work plan just because of the inconvenience that has been caused by some soldiers. For instance, if the NCO announces a specific eating time and not all soldiers turn out as expected, then those who have arrived will have no alternative than to wait for the soldier who has not arrived before they take their meals. Rules in the camp do not give room for individualism, and hence any late case stops all ongoing activities.  It does not only embrace unity in the military, but it also condemns being late as this affects the day to day routine. Lateness complicates all the activities and duty allocation in the military unit. It ruins the schedule and the battle schedule, thus making things hard for soldiers who avoided being late. Tardiness in the military is treated as a sign of rudeness. It lowers your dignity as you will be deemed a careless person who is not concerned about his allies in the camp. In addition, you will also be denoted as being disrespectful and unprofessional in the job. Below are some of the disadvantages related to late arrival in the army:
  • Being late calls for guidance in the army, as stated in article 15. Also, it can lead to job termination when in the civilian division
  • Being late in a military camp is taken as an attribute of disrespect to your authorities and fellow soldiers. It also portrays insolence to your job
  • It is such a bad thing when the institution you are in renders you a careless employee since you will lose respect and trust from other employees
  • You are at a high risk of losing your job since the company classifies you as a valueless asset to them and doesn’t see your importance. To avert termination, avoid being late.
  • Arriving late at the camp affects the day’s activities as this will force your peers to do your job as well as theirs, thus making your unit not attain the intended goals.
Punctuality is essential when it comes to the army. For instance, the United States wholly depends on the military. For that reason, it means that in case the army fails by either being late or failing to perform their duties as expected, the system unit efficiency in the whole country will have been compromised. Punctuality is not only a day to day routine that the army should follow but also a great display of one’s character. The trait in this context refers to the integrity and self-discipline in your job. Punctual employees display honesty as they always follow directions, as stated by their leads. The phrase time wasted will never be recovered is applicable in the military as you will never make up for even a single second loss. The military ranks time as a valuable gem that should not be lost at any price. It is because it is a resource that you cannot store somewhere to come and collect it at your preferred moment. It is such an excellent reputation embracing time management in your life. It generates respect for yourself and from others since lack of punctuality shows your injustice to others. In the army, recruits are taught to respect orders from their superiors effective from day one at the camp without questioning. These lessons take place since tardiness does no go hand in hand with military discipline. Effectiveness in the Army is a foundation built from obedience to orders. It is a direct explanation that for a military unit to attain its set objectives, obedience, and punctuality, are the key points to be put into consideration. It is the chief reason for working as a team to achieve targets timely. Being late in the military is against camp values such as honesty, integrity, selfless service delivery, and ethical leadership values. All soldiers are expected to display these attributes, which are an impossibility whenever you get to the camp late. The trait raises concerns about your characters. In the long run, it will deny you promotion since getting rank promotion in a military camp requires pure dedication and selfless service delivery are the critical values for one to be promoted in a military camp. If you cannot adhere to directives given by the authorities, it clearly shows an irresponsible character, and the unit will not count on you. The military will treat you with respect if you follow their regulations to the latter. Apart from professionalism as a virtue of time management, dependability and success build-up are also among the countless reasons for being on schedule not only at your job but in whatever thing you are engaged in. The proper organization leaves no room for errors. Meeting your deadline rightfully gives you a moment to plan and make sure that all you need to partake are orderly. It leaves no room for errors. Being on schedule at work also portrays your dedication to those your fellow workmates. It aids you in improving your career in the field of work. Another significant reason for being on time in the military is accountability. Accountability here means you are at the scene at the right moment you can account for all occurrences. It is a plus since you will be aware of all happenings, and no one at no instance can take advantage. Lacking competency in the workplace can be a result of lateness, which is a vice if not corrected, can grow and cause havoc. You will be graded as a committed person by your authority, depending on the level of time management compared to the other employees. It is an excellent accomplishment to do as ordered by your authority, as this shows your allegiance and respect for your job. Allegiance helps in getting work promotion, which is everyone’s dream in the camp. Civility shows your loyalty to your superiors, which is beneficial as you will be respected and trusted. When it comes to missions, battle buddies, and leadership, it is critical to keep time. Keeping time during this period helps in personal protection. Failure to keep time during the mission can cause adverse effects on the plans put in place by the unit lead. Job completion can be realized by battle buddies when they start their tasks on time. Generally, it helps in speeding up accountability in duty execution. Being keen when given information is an attribute one should have in the military to execute scheduled programs on time. It shows how dedicated one is in accomplishing the tasks he has been assigned. To be on time helps you be accountable for all duties assigned by unit leads. At the same time, it helps in the management of essential services in the camp. It helps in boosting confidence in the workplace. Gaining trust in the military is critical as it gives you an upper hand of promotion, entrustment with classified information in the camp. Proper time management is vital as it articulates in a smooth workflow. Paramilitaries escape extra duties and punishment just by being on time. Lateness may result in demotion in the army rank. Being on time does not only help reduce last-minute rush but helps in accurately executing duties. To avoid scatterbrain, which is an adverse effect faced when you are late, one has to ensure he is always on time. Scatterbrain causes poor decision making, which may negatively affect your career. To be successful in a military camp, one has to be disciplined and follow orders given by seniors. Failure to follow orders does not only lead to the demotion of ranks but complete termination from work. Therefore, to avoid all these stresses, be on schedule as proposed by your seniors. Not being late displays the level of your respect and loyalty to the authorities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Importance on Being on Time Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words, n.d.)
Importance on Being on Time Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words.
(Importance on Being on Time Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Importance on Being on Time Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
“Importance on Being on Time Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words”.
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