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Families in Poverty in the United States and Its Effect on Children - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Families in Poverty in the United States and Its Effect on Children,” the author looks at absolute poverty as a condition in which there is a severe deprivation of human needs, such as food, clean water for drinking, sanitation, health, and health care, education and shelter. …
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Families in Poverty in the United States and Its Effect on Children
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Extract of sample "Families in Poverty in the United States and Its Effect on Children"

Download file to see previous pages Poverty can be classified into being a two-dimensional problem, with one of the dimensions being economy and the other being ethics. The economical dimension deals with the concepts of poverty rather than the quantity whereas the ethical dimension deals with the ethical values of poverty (Dieterlen, 2005). History tells us that America was always reckoned as the Land of Opportunity and a place where everyone wanted to come to for a better standard of living. This country was not spared from the issue of poverty too. In the 1920s farmers and daily wage workers were hit with depression and poverty prevailed. Workers and farmers had shortcomings in supporting and feeding their families. Further problems arose when the Great Depression occurred in 1929. This event wounded the thinking of many Americans who believed that their work gave them self-belief. Respectable men left their homes and families with the fear that they could not feed and support their families further. Children also fled homes to not burden their families (Axelrod-Contrada, 2010).
It is important to understand that poverty is a worldwide issue and not just a problem that has affected developing countries. Poverty has taken its course in developed countries like America and Canada. Poverty needs to be addressed in the United States because it has adverse effects on human beings. It affects the physical and psychological well-being of a person. Children born to poor parents are less healthy and their cognitive development is also halted. Poverty-stricken youngsters are likely to be delinquent and may have low-esteem. Americans suffering from plenty is a morally troublesome sign. Poverty has economic and political downfalls too. Low levels of poverty lead to a healthy economy by increasing the number of people who can buy goods and result in economic stability. Some myths also surround the thinking of Americans.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Families in Poverty in the United States and Its Effect on Children Assignment, n.d.)
Families in Poverty in the United States and Its Effect on Children Assignment.
(Families in Poverty in the United States and Its Effect on Children Assignment)
Families in Poverty in the United States and Its Effect on Children Assignment.
“Families in Poverty in the United States and Its Effect on Children Assignment”.
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