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Ideal Way of Achieving the American Dream - Literature review Example

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The paper 'Ideal Way of Achieving the American Dream' presents the popular term “the American Dream” which was first coined by James Truslow Adams an American historian.  He came up with the phrase at a time when America was undergoing the Great Depression…
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Ideal Way of Achieving the American Dream
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Extract of sample "Ideal Way of Achieving the American Dream"

Download file to see previous pages According to the American dream, everyone is equal despite his or her gender while pursuing the dream. Majority of Americans interpret it as the attainment of wealth; the dream embodies the attainment of materialistic goals. However, others view the dream as more than the achievement of material wealth. Furthermore, the American dream depicts America as the country full of opportunities (Bloom & Blake 5).
Over the years, Americans have perceived the American dream differently. The dream has changed significantly since the days of the founding fathers. First, it promised Americans equal opportunities then it became the achievement of material wealth (Kochan 3). F. Scott Fitzgerald illustrates the American Dream aptly in his book, The Great Gatsby. He further captures its morphing process over the years. Fitzgerald illustrates all the aspects of the American dream in 1920s America (Rösch 2). The author portrays America as a country undergoing social and moral decay. The story revolves around greed, the pursuit of pleasure and the cynic nature of American society at the time.
Jay Gatsby, the main character, embodies the popular rags to riches story. Gatsby is self-made and is living the American dream. However, his American dream is dominated by material wealth and luxurious possessions. He is blinded by the power of money and assumes that he can buy love and happiness with it (Rösch 4).
It is plausible to argue that Gatsby’s vision of the American dream is naïve at best. The fallacious notion of wealth drives his avid pursuit of wealth. Wealth, according to Gatsby, equates happiness, beauty, and love. Throughout the book, Fitzgerald elaborates on Gatsby’s romantic view of wealth and power. The 1920s is not an era for new money, nouveau riche, and Gatsby does not understand this (Rösch 13). His wealth, despite its vastness, does not prepare him in dealing with people with old money. Old money Americans are self-interested, elitists and corrupt. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Ideal Way of Achieving the American Dream Literature review.
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Ideal Way of Achieving the American Dream Literature Review.
“Ideal Way of Achieving the American Dream Literature Review”.
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