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Guide to Self-Mastery by The Fifth Agreement - Essay Example

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This essay "Guide to Self-Mastery by The Fifth Agreement" describes a book written by Don .M. Ruiz, and Don .J. Ruiz. This book is written keeping the importance of truth in mind and how incorporating truth in life can bring a positive change within oneself and moreover society. From this work, it is clear that our life is based on primarily one value that is TRUTH. …
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Guide to Self-Mastery by The Fifth Agreement
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Extract of sample "Guide to Self-Mastery by The Fifth Agreement"

Download file to see previous pages This book will help one to make a better decision. Since decision making is a very tough task and it has been observed that most people regret the decisions they make later in life. Therefore this book will become a thorough guide for all those who have difficulty in making decisions or staying by their words.
Since communication is always a two-way process that requires adequate attention of the source and the receiver therefore this book also will help to polish the communication and listening skills of individuals.
It has been observed that individuals are at times are very unclear about the decisions they make. This results in wrong choices and blocks the opening for better possibilities. This book will provide insight for all those who were having difficulty in choosing what is best for them and eventually make better choices. The information provided in this book will hence be substantial while the right choices.
Usually, it has been observed that the majority of the people get manipulated very easily and thus fall for all those vague schemes and promotions which are nothing more than a mind trap for innocent people. Those who read this book know the difference between the real and the virtual truth. They are aware that the information which is being provided is not correct but manipulated in a manner that attracts the mind. Thus the one who has read this book will eventually ask targeted questions within the respected domain.
This will also work in a very important area in human relationships. Since people will be aware that this person is aware of the difference between the virtual truth and the real truth, therefore, people will avoid manipulating conversations hence resulting in a less likable chance to fall in the trap of miscommunication.
Firstly one needs to be perfect with the words they use. By this, I mean that one should always speak their heart out. There should not be any hidden meaning behind the words that are said. Thus one should say everything with adequate clarity. There should be integrity in the words one speaks and he/she should be firm about it. It is a very general phenomenon that if you speak ill about someone then the same will happen to you. Eventually, you will become the topic of discussion for all. Therefore avoid gossiping about others and others will not gossip about you. Speaking positively and using the right words at the right time can do wonders for you. Hence, in a nutshell, one should use the might of their words to have a positive influence which will spread honesty and love. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Guide to Self-Mastery by The Fifth Agreement Essay.
(Guide to Self-Mastery by The Fifth Agreement Essay)
Guide to Self-Mastery by The Fifth Agreement Essay.
“Guide to Self-Mastery by The Fifth Agreement Essay”.
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