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Teenage Drug Smugglers and the Mexican Cartels - Research Paper Example

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The author of this paper claims that drug cartels have over the years been establishing their scopes of operation and have managed to reach out and spread their boundaries across country borders. By doing so, such cartels have ended up implicating the agencies in charge of law enforcement…
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Teenage Drug Smugglers and the Mexican Cartels
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Extract of sample "Teenage Drug Smugglers and the Mexican Cartels"

Download file to see previous pages Different cartels now involve teenagers in drug smuggling, recruiting them from both United States and Mexico at the age as young as 12 years and are being used as drug mules.
The cartels target kids outside arcades, schools, and malls with the most notorious region being Poway, South Bay, and Mountain Empire. Social media such as Facebook have also been identified as some of the other areas where teenagers are easily enticed into drug smuggling. During smuggling, a teen can carry approximately six kilos of drugs and they mostly hide them under their clothes. This is normally for a minimum amount of money of about $300, yet the smuggling process is so risky and incomparable to such payments. Teens are the ones most targeted by the cartels as they cannot get into serious trouble with the authorities since they are minors.
The authorities have come out strongly dismissing this belief as being misleading, as teens have been arrested with drugs such as hard narcotics with more than 200 teens under the age of 18 have been arrested this year while smuggling drugs across the Mexican border. Marijuana has been identified as the main drug being trafficked using teenagers. The cartels have now shifted and are recruiting more teenage girls than boys. This change of choice has been associated with the dressing of the girls who are normally in tight tops and skinny jeans. The teens hide the drugs under their clothes in such a way that untrained individuals would not suspect anything. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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