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Thesis Statement: Indeed, many teens struggle with drug-related problems, which may be a result of peer influence, lack of proper parental guidance and these lead to health effects, reduced academic performances and adoption of deviant behaviors.
Teens often experience a time…
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Te consequences of drugs on teenagers
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The Consequences of Drugs on Teenagers The Consequences of Drugs on Teenagers Outline Thesis ment: Indeed, many teens struggle with drug-related problems, which may be a result of peer influence, lack of proper parental guidance and these lead to health effects, reduced academic performances and adoption of deviant behaviors.
A. Introduction
Teens often experience a time within their lifetime that involves self-questionings and upheavals concerning both their body and brain functionality. In other words, the different structural design of a teenage brain makes them vulnerable to drugs abuse that eventually affect their decision-making processes and consequently their orientation in life (
B. Health Effects
I. Drugs abuse may cause cancers such as lung cancer, liver diseases, heart problems among others
II. Addiction as a medical condition may result from overusing drugs
III. Drug abuse enhances the indulgence in health hazardous activities such as drunk driving that may cause accidents and affect health (
C. Dismal academic performance at school
I. Teenagers who use drugs gradually develops dislike for schooling
II. Reduced interest in education has direct impact on performance leading to poor grades
III. Dwindling grades leads to poor foundation for their careers and tertiary education
IV. Reduced self-esteem at school
D. Deviant Behaviors
I. Drug abuse cause impaired judgment
II. Drugs users are vulnerable to making decisions that increase their ability to engage in deviant behaviors such as irresponsible sexual behavior (
III. Some of the deviant behaviors include being disrespectful to parents and authorities, increased tendencies to engage in crime among others
IV. Presence of bad examples for the upcoming kids
E. Conclusion
Drugs can have many adverse effects on teens’ lives. Since the teenage lifestyle is all about self-discovery, occasional drug use can be dangerous to them. Therefore, proper guidance that involves the support from both parents, government and the public in necessary to avert the drug menace among teens (

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