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Theories on Gender Inequality - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper shall look into three theories i.e. Marxian, Non-Marxian and the Militarist theories on gender inequality where it will contrast them while giving a real-life example from one of them.  Gender is not a term exclusive to females or women as men to fall under the male gender. …
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Theories on Gender Inequality
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Download file to see previous pages  Therefore, inequality practices and manifestations that underlie gender inequality also affect men where they are discriminated against. This paper shall look into three theories i.e. Marxian, Non-Marxian and the Militarist theories where it will contrast them while giving a real-life example from one of them (Giddens 2007).
Militarist theory is the one that tries to explain the manifestation of gender inequality using the warfare needs of a society approach. The theory argues that different societies have and are facing security threats both internally and beyond their borders (Giddens 2007). For this reason, they need to have people in place to defend their interests from the enemies. Due to his masculine nature, man is preferred to engage in combat while a woman is taken to be passive and inefficient on the battlefield. In societies that security is a dominant issue, men tend to occupy most or even all the political positions. In so doing roles of leadership from the topmost hierarchy of politics to the domestic leadership are all occupied by men. It is also a widely common feature that physical activities are left for men to perform. Women in this respect are left aside to do the less physically demanding activities especially at home (Giddens 2007). These characteristics were more common in the western countries before and in the agrarian times while a majority of countries in Asia and Africa still have this type of segregation that discriminates against women more than their male counterparts.
Marxian theory, on the other hand, tends to lean more on the means of production approach whereby the basis for gender inequality in the society depends on the gender controlling the means of production. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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