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International Security Studies: Examination - Assignment Example

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"International Security Studies: Examination" paper critically discusses the impact of globalization on international security, discusses the main differences between arms control and disarmament, and identifies which approach is more conducive to promoting international peace and security…
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International Security Studies: Examination
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Extract of sample "International Security Studies: Examination"

Download file to see previous pages Globalization affects international security in the sense that problems involving terrorism, the environment, religious extremism, weapons of mass destruction, and the economic crises have become more universal and widespread in character (Ivanov “Article”). As a result, these issues pose a greater threat to national and international stability and safety. More lives are now affected by threats to international security; these threats did not seem too ominous before the entry of globalization. Consequently, some extremists justify the use of mass weapons of destruction in order to guarantee their security. And as globalization continues to expand and to grow bigger as a phenomenon, threats to international security are also increasing.

Ivanov (“Article”) discusses that globalization has also made international terrorism an even bigger threat to mankind. Globalization has created more targets for international terrorists. He points out how the population in cities has now grown to hundreds of thousands; marine transportation of energy resources has become strategically advantageous to terrorists; states and government institutions have come to rely on computer systems; transportation, tourist destinations, and banks have also become possible targets for terrorists. These terrorists can also take advantage of weak links in the global chain, and they can create religious hostility and separatism among factions in a state in order to inflict terror into the people (Ivanov “Article”).

Kirshner (p. 3) discusses that security is affected by globalization in three ways: globalization reshapes state capacity, it recasts relative power, and it revises calculations associated with international conflict. Globalization reshapes state capacity in the sense that, capabilities which the state used to have are no longer enough in order to secure its place in the global arena. This age of globalization now demands that states use more global tools of the trade, politics, and international security.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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