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The Role of Mass Media in the Development of Aggression - Report Example

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"The Role of Mass Media in the Development of Aggression" paper discusses this statement providing research evidence. The author states that exposure to violence on television, motion pictures, and video games foster the peril of the acquisition of violent behavior on the viewer’s part…
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The Role of Mass Media in the Development of Aggression
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Extract of sample "The Role of Mass Media in the Development of Aggression"

Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact that longitudinal studies have proven that human aggression is to some extent an unwavering trait, it is undeniable that the environment plays a big role in influence the aforementioned behavior (Slaby & Roedell, 1982). Our daily encounter with the environment is a form of socialization that is defined as the process of integrating within oneself a sense of connection to a larger social world by means of discovering, understanding and adopting the beliefs, values, and norms of culture of other people. To a certain extent, sociologists consider the mass media as a powerful socializing agent as its significance is not constrained to the content alone of the media messages. Instead, it affects how we learn about our world and interacts with one another. Media literally mediate our relationship with social institutions (Kilic, 2001).

Aggression is defined as a succession of behaviors wherein the primary aim is the infliction of pain or injury to another person, an object or, sometimes, even oneself. There are two types of aggression—instrumental and hostile aggression. The first mentioned type of aggression involves the premeditated use of destructive behavior for the purpose of achieving some other goal. Albeit, the intent to harm is present; however, the real purpose is to carry out some external goals such as authority, money, power, prestige or victory. The second type of aggression also involves premeditated use of destructive behavior for the mere purpose of inflicting pain, injury or death to the victim. Hostile aggression is always associated with anger as far as the aggressor is concerned. Thus, this type of aggression is commonly referred to as violence (Collins, n.d.; Ferguson, & Eyre, 1999). Additionally, aggression can be further categorized into different subtypes—relational, verbal and physical aggression. Relational aggression is a learned violent behavior that is somewhat similar to hostile aggression as it is also intended to inflict harm and pain. It may include gossip or verbal manipulation with the purpose of destroying relationships. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The Role of Mass Media in the Development of Aggression Report, n.d.)
The Role of Mass Media in the Development of Aggression Report.
(The Role of Mass Media in the Development of Aggression Report)
The Role of Mass Media in the Development of Aggression Report.
“The Role of Mass Media in the Development of Aggression Report”.
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