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The American Nation: A Melting Pot of Asian Americans - Assignment Example

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 In the paper “The American Nation: A Melting Pot of Asian Americans” the author focuses on the new and drastically speeding up immigration to the US. People from Asia, from Latin America and the Caribbean, and, progressively, from the Middle East and from Africa, is unparalleled in its multiplicity…
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The American Nation: A Melting Pot of Asian Americans
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Extract of sample "The American Nation: A Melting Pot of Asian Americans"

Download file to see previous pages As a result, American society is experiencing dramatic transformations (Skop & Li, 2005).
The Asian community in the United States is a cultural group that has assumed form since the passing of the 1965 immigration legislation. Even though Asians have been arriving in the United States since the middle of the 1980s, only in the previous four decades have the waves been remarkable. At some stage in that period, the U.S. Asian population has increased dramatically, and Asians one of today’s fastest-growing ethnic and racial minorities in the nation (ibid).
Asian immigration to and settlement in the United States is somewhat well recognized. Generally, Asian immigrants are geographically concentrated, with the immense bulk residing in immigrant entry urbanized states such as New York, Texas, and California. Fascinatingly, a mounting number of metropolitan regions, particularly in the Sun Belt, have become known as Asian hubs with the swift increase of immigration from Asian countries such as India and China in the previous several years. Thus far, nevertheless, minimal attention has been taken away from traditional immigrant entries to the increasing population of Asian somewhere else in the United States (Prewitt, 2005). Neither is there an adequate detailed examination of the residential physical makeup, trends of segregation and diffusion, of Asians within these surfacing regions of settlement. Understanding the actual events in these areas will result in a better-off and more inclusive account of the diverse residential patterns of racial and ethnic minorities, in addition to a more multifaceted and intricate understanding of the course of spatial integration (ibid).
Although Asians remain a fairly insignificant portion of the overall population, currently less than 5 percent, they are currently one of the fastest increasing racial and ethnic minorities. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The American Nation: A Melting Pot of Asian Americans Assignment, n.d.)
The American Nation: A Melting Pot of Asian Americans Assignment.
(The American Nation: A Melting Pot of Asian Americans Assignment)
The American Nation: A Melting Pot of Asian Americans Assignment.
“The American Nation: A Melting Pot of Asian Americans Assignment”.
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