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Child Labor - Assignment Example

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In this paper “Child Labor” the author aims to discuss the problem of child labor in America. Child labor has always been in America and even today millions of children are working to support their families. He will explore the history of child labor and its consequences…
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Child Labor
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Extract of sample "Child Labor"

Download file to see previous pages The historical record of child labor statistics shows that child labor was at its peak in the USA in 1910. In 1880 there were 1,118,356 (or 16.5%) children between ten to fifteen years of age who were involved in strenuous physical work. In 1900 their number rose to 1,750, 178 (or 18.2%). In 1910 the number yet again rose to a record height of 1,990,225 or 18.4% (Fuller, 1923). Although the situation has improved a lot still even today America is not free from the evil of child labor. In a prosperous country like the USA, approximately 500,000 children work in the fields every day. These include children as young as five years old who work approximately 70 hours a week to support their families economically (Children in the Fields: An American Problem, 2007). The figure does not include the number of children involved in other off the record occupations.
Before exploring the topic in detail it would be better to understand the term “child labor”. Raymond Garfield Fuller (1923) defined child labor in his book “Child Labor and the Constitution” in the following words:
“Child labor is the work that interferes with a full living of the life of childhood and with the best possible preparation for adulthood. It is a matter not only of effects, but of hazards; and not only of effects and hazards, but of deprivations among which are the lack of suitable and sufficient schooling, the lack of suitable and sufficient play, and the lack of that kind and amount of work which is children’s work as distinguished from child labor”. At the same time, there are millions of children working on farms to support their families. These children include those getting paid for employment and those who work unpaid in their family farms. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Child Labor Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words, n.d.)
Child Labor Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words.
(Child Labor Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words)
Child Labor Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
“Child Labor Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words”.
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... to hold a deep understanding of the term, a clear cut definition is required. Defining the phenomena To this date millions of children are working forcefully or willingly, under hazardous conditions which are not just harmful to their health and well-being but also to the innocence of their childhood. The innocence unknowingly seeps out of their souls as they choose a life in order to fulfill a role not yet meant for them. In the UNICEF Child Labor protection information sheet, child labor is defined as children that fall in the bracket of under 12 working in any kind of economic activity, children between the age of 12-14 engaged in any form of work that can’t be labeled as light work and all ages involved in the worst form of labor...
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Child labor in bangadesh less aware of their rights, employers attempt to obtain the advantages by wrongfully engaging them as laborers (UNICEF Bangladesh, n. p.). Emphasizing on the various scholarly articles concerning the emerging issue of child labor in Bangladesh, the primary objective of this paper is to prepare three effective action plans in accordance with the current statistical consequences regarding the respective issue in the country based on a policy claim as to how Americans can play a major role in taking steps against child labor in Bangladesh. Moreover, the discussion of the paper also incorporates the major challenging areas which are allegedly noted as the...
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... the problem from the society. Introduction The definition of child labor is engagement of children below a certain age in any work which hampers the mental, educational and physical well being of the child. More than half the children in the world work almost 9 hours a day on minimal wage.It is a myth that child labor has been totally eradicated from the developed countries as well. In industrialized countries exists though it may be outlawed or tightly regulated when compared to the developing countries where even today it remains a way of life .According to the US l department of labor “more than 400 children were illegally employed in 1988” and the number has been growing ever since (Landrigan et al, 1995,p657).According to a report...
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...-threatening injuries – punctured eyeballs, scarred legs and missing limbs – from the sharp blades and machines in the field. (Buckley para. 1, 2 Several child laborers experience harsh living conditions. They are locked, sometimes chained, in crowded rooms for long hours like prisoners. Many develop illnesses and diseases like silicosis and tuberculosis. Some are kidnapped and later sold to flesh traders as slaves. Employers at times abuse the children by beating them, branding them with hot irons like livestock, torture them, or deprive them of food. In worst cases, they get killed while at work. (Kalmes para. 6...
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.... The bus… reaches the last village by 8 to 9 p.m. The bus starts from that village between 3 to 4 a.m. with the last child and proceeds towards the factory. It reaches the factory premise around 6 a.m. The sleeping children are thereafter dumped into a hall to sleep up to 7 a.m. After that… they have their breakfast and start work” (Browne et al. 2005: 1). After almost six decades of Independence and more than a decade after India joined the United Nations Convention on Child Rights, children in the country persist to be the most abandoned segment. Statistics show that India has 17 million child laborers, which is the highest in the world. Illiteracy regarding the fundamental rights of a child has resulted in to trouble free violation...
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...anization places the number of children aged between five and fourteen who are workers in one way or another at an estimated 211 million across the world. Over 120 million children work full time to support their poverty stricken families in places that remain considered as hazardous (Michel 9). It estimates that the Asia/Pacific region hosts the highest number of children laborers at over100 million. Majority of child workers exist in the Sub Saharan region of Africa. It gets estimated that over 26% of the child population that is equivalent to 50 million children get actively involved in work. The International Labor Rights Forum gets actively involved in lobbying to eradicate the practice of child labor all over the world. This gets...
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... considering that the issue lies within its confines. Thus, the ILO conventions are a key observation of the issue in the course of this research. The course of the report on child labor facilitates the evidence of the issue and its vast impact on the society, as well as, the lives of the individual children undergoing the labor issue. The presence of international actors such as IPEC and SCREAM, as well as the United Nations among others, presents the significance of the subject of child labor. Recommendations for support towards the various entities entailed n the fight against child labor is notable from this report. Managing the issue of child labor requires the support of all the sources. Introduction Description of the issue...
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