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Afghanistan War and the Export of Heroin - Assignment Example

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 This essay “Afghanistan War and the Export of Heroin” explores how the soviet occupation which is known as the Afghanistan war is characterized by weak mechanisms of conflict-processing combined with a high tendency towards the increase of violence.  …
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Afghanistan War and the Export of Heroin
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Extract of sample "Afghanistan War and the Export of Heroin"

Download file to see previous pages Afghanistan seemed to be big in the United State’s national security policy in the 1980s. The Soviet Union attacked and invaded Afghanistan in 1979, this war turned into an unwinnable guerrilla war. Thus, the strategic policy of America considered Afghanistan as a battleground where the Soviet military machine possibly will be badly defeated and to America, it was a time to arouse domestic dissatisfaction by means of a conflict that could extremely unpopular as well as expensive. The pictures of Afghans that were shown in America in the 1980s depicted them as brave and courageous people, who were fighting to get back their sovereignty from the clutches of the Soviet bear. The rebels of Afghanistan, the mujahideen, were thought of as allies of long-distance, who were rightful candidates of military aid. However from 1979 to 1989, they were under Soviet occupation plus there was an additional, unpleasant, side to this whole scenario. The prolonged war, the limitations of the central authority, and the practice of smuggling, all were the reasons behind the facilitation of the heroin trade.
Opium cultivation and heroin refining in Afghanistan eventually to the increasing drug problem in America, as at least a fraction of the Afghan produce will run in the blood of Americans who are drug abusers. The war facilitated Afghanistan in the new decade (1990) as the second major producer of opium and heroin in the world
Heroin is a less used drug than optimum but even though cracks position as the most instantly addictive drug identified by man has attracted attention to cocaine control, heroin is the next most addictive drug exported from Afghanistan to America.  ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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(Afghanistan War and the Export of Heroin Assignment, n.d.)
Afghanistan War and the Export of Heroin Assignment.
(Afghanistan War and the Export of Heroin Assignment)
Afghanistan War and the Export of Heroin Assignment.
“Afghanistan War and the Export of Heroin Assignment”.
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