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Globalization and Terrorism - the Two Sides of One Coin - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Globalization and Terrorism - the Two Sides of One Coin” the author focuses on terrorism, which is intrinsically linked with the economic and logistic realities of globalization and the cultural differences associated with the anti-globalization ideology.  …
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Globalization and Terrorism - the Two Sides of One Coin
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Extract of sample "Globalization and Terrorism - the Two Sides of One Coin"

Download file to see previous pages Interacting with persons of vastly dissimilar societal backgrounds has become commonplace and necessary. This has opened the doorway of all nations for members of terrorist groups, who openly despise Western cultures, to infiltrate which has lead to mortally dangerous and economically disastrous consequences. Terrorist acts in a particular country affect the people and property of that nation but severely threatens the economic prosperity of all nations in this inter-connected world. This discussion examines the paradox of globalization, that it supplies both the vehicle and justification for terrorist’s actions. The fear of terrorism is one of personal safety for the average person but, arguably, the greatest threat is financial concerns on a global scale.
Globalization can be defined within many different contexts but, essentially, it refers to the world becoming seemingly smaller as communication technology advances and the unimpeded access across international borders for products, people and assets. Innovations such as jet airplanes and computers have accelerated the globalization process and blurred territorial boundaries defining nations increasingly making customary conceptions of a nation’s sovereign authority irrelevant. It also facilitates the ill-intent of terrorists. Globalization “relies increasingly on a kind of trust, the unsentimental expectation that people, individually and collectively, will behave more or less in their rational self-interest. The terrorists made use of that trust. They rode the flow of the world’s aerial circulatory system like lethal viruses” (Porter, 2004).
Terrorist groups do not recognize or try to circumvent the traditional definition of a sovereign state and utilize all the technologically advanced tools that have accelerated globalization. Additionally, terrorists, specifically Muslim fundamentalists, are concerned that their ancient culture is being replaced. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Globalization and Terrorism - the Two Sides of One Coin Assignment, n.d.)
Globalization and Terrorism - the Two Sides of One Coin Assignment.
(Globalization and Terrorism - the Two Sides of One Coin Assignment)
Globalization and Terrorism - the Two Sides of One Coin Assignment.
“Globalization and Terrorism - the Two Sides of One Coin Assignment”.
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