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Ivory and Assata: a Chance Encounter - Assignment Example

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In the paper “Ivory and Assata: a Chance Encounter” the author focuses on Ivory Perry and Assata Shakur, who are two concerned global citizens who both have the best interest of their people at heart although both have very different ways of expressing that concern. …
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Ivory and Assata: a Chance Encounter
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Extract of sample "Ivory and Assata: a Chance Encounter"

Download file to see previous pages He did this through non-violent protests and demonstrations. Having no formal education he was dubbed an "Organic Intellectual" with the innate ability to organize and fight for a cause. The latter was a member of the Black Panthers and the BLA (Black Liberation Army) who openly fostered violent resistance against injustice. Shakur was convicted of murder and robbery, the certainty of which is still a matter of dispute. In 1979 she was aided by past associates and escaped from jail during a prisoner transfer. How can one blame her after 20 years of incarceration before actually being convicted of any crime? She is now a fugitive at large as far as the US government is concerned. She has even been placed on the most wanted terrorist list of the FBI. Seeking political asylum, she was allowed to take refuge in Cuba claiming that she was not given nor could she ever hope to have a fair trial through the systems in "Amerika".
Concerning this creative dialog, some months after Assata Shakur has begun her life as an exiled American living in Cuba. Ivory Perry is invited to Havana. While he is touring the city, who knows who he may meet?
Ciudad de la Habana (Havana City), 1984: At this time the Partido Comunista de Cuba (PCC) has been in power for almost thirty years and Fidel Castro has been president and Comandante en Jefe (Commander in Chief) of the armed forces during that time (Cuba). Although conditions are still difficult for the citizens, many of whom remain in poverty, there is an energy and enthusiasm here that is electric.
On a street named Refugio (Refuge) between the Paseo de Marti and the Avenida. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ivory and Assata: a Chance Encounter Assignment.
(Ivory and Assata: A Chance Encounter Assignment)
Ivory and Assata: A Chance Encounter Assignment.
“Ivory and Assata: A Chance Encounter Assignment”.
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